How to use Amazon Product Manager Magento extension

Magento Amazon integration. You need to enter your Amazon Associate Tag in order to enable the Magento extension. Search and filter Amazon products by category, by keyword, by price, by ASINs. Magento import options: category to import, products condition, highest or lowest sellers price and your price adjustments. Read More

Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension - FAQ

How can I search and filter products from Amazon? How to import products from Amazon to Magento. Import Fulfillment by Amazon products. Import to Magento reviews, prices, images. What is Amazon to Magento synchronization. How to manage attributes of Amazon products in Magento. How to generate any Magento product attribute from data delivered by the Amazon API. Read More
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Smart Magento Menu settings

Smart Magento Menu settings. General settings. Visible Menu depth. Mobile Magento menu settings. Magento menu position. One-button view. RTL text mode. Columns settings. Popup settings. Load content through ajax. Read More

Custom Menu Magento extension - FAQ

The Custom Menu does not appear - check list. It is showing categories in 3 columns at front end and 4th column is empty.. Is there a way to add js-effects to the Custom Menu? The Custom Menu still has no links. The Custom Menu structure is broken. Read More
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Set any attribute to import from Amazon - Custom PHP function to manipulate with product attributes - Import hi-res images - Speed up import process - Filter products by certain Amazon category - 4.0.0

1. You can now import to Magento all attributes from the Amazon API (Size / Color / Brand / Package Unit Dimensions (height / lenght/ width / weight) / Package Quantity / etc). 2. You can prepare API data before assigning it to certain product attributes. For example, if you need to generate a single size value from three Package Unit Dimensions, you can use this custom function. 3. Added the ability to filter products by certain category. 4. Added the ability to import hi-res images right from the Amazon product description Read More
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How to create Magento slider

How to create slider. Slider Manager has a user-friendly administrative panel where you can manage slides, change slider settings, customize the interface, and add block-captions. Read More

Magento Slider Manager - FAQ

How to add video to the Amanda slider. How to display category in the Trisha slider. How to display single product in the Samanta slider. How to change js files order. Total Slider Manager compatibility with other extensions. Files Structure. Read More

Magento Extensions

Choose an extension which would fit your Magento theme. LightBox2, EasyTabs, AW Blog, ShareThis, MD Quick View, Search Autocomplete and Suggest, CartView, Quick Contact Read More

OnePage Magento Checkout FAQ

Compatibility with other extensions. How to disable the auto-populate of State and Zip in OnePage Checkout? Can the Fax field be removed? I would like to implement some changes in OnePage Checkout. How I can change the title text for the gift message OnePage Magento Checkout. Read More