Web Data Extraction Engine

Crawl, Extract and Parse Content from Web

Price: $690.00
Product Description

The Best Solution for Web Data Scraping and Extraction Purposes

Convert Web Content Into Datasets

Structured Data

All data can be exported in any format you need, or you can integrate it with a database. You will get structured data which can be used for anything from driving business decisions to integration with apps and other platforms.

Deep Crawling

Its key feature is extracting data from sites that use anti-scraping technology. The Data Extraction Engine uses rotating proxies and captcha solvers to ensure website access. It generates a user-like behavior that can avoid website bans.

Mass Data Extraction

The Engine designed for the high performance of mass data extraction. You can run several million queries every day.

Proper Workflow

The Engine has the ability to make XML configuration instructions and may accommodate HTML structure changes quite fast. Rich XML configuration would allow you to build a proper workflow so you can manage the entire data retrieval process and to log and track any failures and be resilient to changes and updates.

You Get a Control Over Data Extraction Software

What is the difference between a stand-alone data extraction and SaaS? You get privacy, full control, flexibility, as well as full responsibility for server management and proxy monitoring. And no SaaS subscription fees!

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Each package is tailored to your needs.
You get full access to the process: sort, filter, make advanced scraping algorithm.

You can manage the entire data retrieval process and to log and track any failures and be resilient to changes and updates.


The Engine price includes the first month of support. We will code all required scrapers to extract data from source websites you need, schedule it, provide maintenance, check and fix scrapers if need, do quality control and deliver data to you in the required format. We will make sure the process is stable and works without errors on your server.

You will get a maintainable, and well-documented system that is durable to changes and improvements.

Scraping e-Commerce data - Live Project

This super-fast Amazon Scraping Engine allows you to extract quantity, price, descriptions, and images from Amazon directly. It allows all resellers to check for higher positions in the Amazon Offer Listings pages, ensuring it downloads the offer with the lowest price.

Hiring us to do the code work is less expensive and better support than hiring an expensive programmer for your business. We can help you solve it where others refuse to take up the challenge.

Custom Web Data Scraping Software
Capture Competitor PricingMonitor your competitor. Track competitor pricing changes and produces an excel spreadsheet showing the specific details.
Extract Data from Social MediaSocial media crawling and scraping for brand monitoring. The data is people comments and opinions on a social media platform. This includes the likes of Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Scrape without getting blocked or misled.
Recurring Data CollectionYou can schedule your project to be run on specific times or repeat the sequence every minute, day, week, month, year. You may use it to extract news, updates, forum frequently.
Keyword Tool SoftwareA keyword tool software for a digital marketer to research competitor keywords, relevant keywords, niche market.
Scrape Google ResultEven Microsoft scraped Google, they powered their search engine Bing :)
Reviews DataAs well as a social media data acquisition you can get reviews data through web scraping. You can scrape product reviews and ratings for sentiment analysis.
Email EnrichmentA software that gather and update information of company to be used as leads for marketing.
Collect News, Articles, ForumsA software that gathers and update information about the company to be used as leads for marketing
Real Estate Property InformationA software that extracts data from advertisements or data that may contain recorder, assessor, tax information.
Extract Website ContentGrab anything from web pages like text, link, image URL, or HTML code. You can extract specific content from a website without an API available for obtaining the web content.
Evading the anti-scraping technologiesWe can do it by using IP rotators. We ensure continuous data delivery using our technology infrastructure.
Collect government data and reportsFor example, you can scrape licenses and permits issued from municipal and governmental structures.