What's new in the Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension.

If Amazon merchant has stopped to sell

If merchant has stopped to sell a product and this product is assigned to the Merchant ID, it would be marked as out of stock in Magento. The qty and price are set to zero in this case.

In previous versions price and qty remain the same

Disable out-of-stock products

Added option "Disable out-of-stock products" to Magento extension

Changes in Amazon merchant list parsing

Now two pages (20 merchants) are parsed. You can change that value MAXIMUM_OFFER_PAGES in the Amazonoffer.php file of Magento extension

"Condition" option

Now "condition" option is parsed for Amazon merchants. In previous versions it was not parsed due to html structure change.

Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates program pays up to 10% advertising fees. Simple way to download thousands products from Amazon is the Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension. You can easily filter from millions of products in the Amazon and import it to your Magento store quickly!


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