Before loading new extension files, please:

1. Navigate to System->Configuration->Developer Tab and disable "Merge css / js". We suggest that you enable error reporting.
2. Then navigate to System->Cache Storage Management and disable the Cache (not "Flush").
3. Make sure that the Compilation –°ode is disabled (System->Tools -->Compilation)

More info

memory_limit and max_execution_time values for phpmemory_limit should be at least 256 and better 512
Max_execution_time should be bigger since a lot of pages parsing takes time. Recommended Magento value is 18000

Initial installation

1. Unpack the zip file. There would be extension folder inside it.

2. Copy files from the extension folder to your Magento Directory.

3. Relogin to the backend.

4. Now do the following actions from the admin side.

Set amazon account settings

Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, Associates Tag

Without Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, Associates Tag the extension wouldn't work.

You might get one from this site:

The Secret Access Key is displayed once when you generate the Access Key. If you do not have it, you need to reset the Access Key. Creating users with sub access does not work, the API does not work with sub users credentials by some reason.

Navigate to Magento Admin Panel -> WEAmazon-> Settings

1. In the General section fill Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

Amazon Access Key ID, Secret Access Key - Amazon Magento extension

2. In the Associates Tag section enter associate tags for the Amazon local you have. (this is required for selling products via amazon processing form)

Revise other sections and set preferences as you need.

Use lowercase in the country code.

Associates Tag - Amazon Magento extension

3. Please check availability of the var folder in your Magento Directory. The extension creates files in the var/log folder. If there are problems with file/folder permissions, no logs are written, no images are copied. Therefore product is not created when product import is performed.

Setting up a cron sync

Before version 4.5.9 regular magento cron script is enough. If magento cron is enabled, auto sync would also be performed.

Since version 4.5.9 and higher we are using web url to trigger auto synchronization. Therefore you need to add a cron command similar to this:

* * * * * wget -q -O /dev/null -o /dev/null [YourBaseUrl]index.php/amazonimportproducts/index/websync/

If you have option "Add store code to urls" enabled the cron command should be with one of the store codes:

* * * * * wget -q -O /dev/null -o /dev/null [YourBaseUrl][StoreCode]/index.php/amazonimportproducts/index/websync/

In the extension settings you can now limit the number of sync processes which might run at the same time. 

Create new cron job - screen Add new cron job

Do not forget to create log folder in the var folder.

Log folder- screen Add log folder

Congratulations! Your extension is ready!

You might navigate to Magento Admin Panel -> WEAmazon -> Search & Import Products in order to start importing products from Amazon.

This article is for Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension.


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