For version from 2.5.0

Please copy the file:
/app/locale/[your locale]/WP_OnePageCheckout.csv

Then open to edit /app/locale/[your locale]/WP_OnePageCheckout.csv. You need to change it to: "EnglishName","[[EnglishName in your language]]"

For version lower 2.5.0

1 Please download WP_OnePageCheckout.csv

2 Open to edit /app/locale/en_US/WP_OnePageCheckout.csv.
You need to change it to: "EnglishName","[[EnglishName in your language]]"

3 Open /app/design/frontend/[your package]/[your theme]/locale/en_US/translate.csv, and add the contents of a WP_OnePageCheckout.csv to the end of translate.csv file.

Note that file encoding should be UTF8. We recommend Geany

Language csv-files Generator

Extract your module's strings to translate directly from your .php and .phtml file and generate the language .csv file easily: Language csv-files Generator

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