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Version 4.6.0 brings lots of useful enhancements to your Amazon to Magento integration. New ways to manage searching and importing. New version gives you simpler, smarter ways to do the things you do with Amazon products in your Magento. Like working with multiple processes at the same time using cron job. Searching for Amazon products with an even more opportunities.

Search by EAN, SKU, UPC

An even more powerful instruments for scanning Amazon. New usefull feature: product ID lookup. You can now search not only by ASIN, but also by EAN (International Article Number), SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), UPC (Universal Product Code).

Those ID lookup is available in the Category Search. I.e. a category has to be selected in order to search Amazon by EAN, SKU, UPC.

Magento - Amazon Search by EAN, SKU, UPC

A stock keeping unit (SKU) is a store's or catalog's product and service identification code, often portrayed as a machine-readable bar code that helps the item to be tracked for inventory.

Download all products variations

New version is now checking for variation products. All the time the API gives a variation product, extension takes it's variations ans save them as a simple products.

However, those variations are not gathred into a configurable product due to a different price generating rules. Variation products might have different prices for each, however configurable products in Magento are limited in price generating rules. Each attribute gives a price bonus to a product.

Managing your operations of searching, importing and synchronization with the Process List

Running lots of processes at the same time is one of the great things about using this new version.

Magento Amazon Process List

In previous versions lookup and import were browser based scripts. It continues until you have your browser window open. This was also limited to the cross admin using. Technically only one admin at a time could perform products lookup and import procedures.

In the new version all long time procedures are implemented via Processes. From the backend you simply create different processes (product lookup with different options, product import, product synchronization) and they are complete required procedures via cron script.

It is possible to run multiple threads at a time. Therefore - you can now import, lookup and sync products much faster. In our dev environment we were able to sync 5 products per second with html parsing features enabled.

General advantages of multiple threads:

  • Fast lookup, import and sync
  • Background threads - you do not have to have your browser open all the time
  • Easy performance check - you can see how many threads are running and at which rate products are updated

Create lookup process

If you are handy with the products lookup form - you can now easily generate as many lookup processes as you need. For example, create 10-20 lookup threads with different brands in a certain category. Before version 4.6.0 you had to wait till each lookup is finished before you can start another one.

All processes would be saved and scheduled according to the settings.

You can set up how many lookup threads can be started at a time.

Since the lookup works very fast, we do not recommend to run product lookup in more than 1-2 threads. Otherwise it can reach API requests limit and your account might be suspended for that.

Video tutorial "How to create lookup process"

All processes are started via cron job

It is a separate cron command from regular magento cron script. However, it works almost the same.


Faster performance — from searching to synchronization.

Previous releases were bound to 1-2 products per second limit.

New version is capable to sync, import, find 5-10 products per second on a regular dedicated server.

Improved Amazon Import Options

You can now choose correct attribute set for imported products.

You can now choose products tax class on a stage of products import. Previously tax were set to None value.

You can now choose a website to which a product belongs on a stage of products import. If none selected, the product would be assigned to all websites.

Magento Amazon Import Options - Choose Attribute Set, Choose Tax Class, Choose Websites

Full code refactoring

Improvements under the hood make this version more efficient for all kinds of tasks. The Code is refactored and optimized. It is almost ready to move to Magento 2.0.

Thanks to full code refactoring you get faster and more fluid performance in high-performance apps — from lookup process to products synchronization.

What is Amazon Products Manager?

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Amazon Products Manager 4.6.0 is a Magento extension that allow you to import any products from Amazon to Magento. You can use it as Amazon Affiliate plugin, as Amazon content downloader or integrate Amazon fulfillment into your Magento store.

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