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Founded in 2009 as an international software and consulting firm has grown exponentially over the last years, developing a Data Extraction Engine to crunch commerce data.

Make data mining and data analysis your most trusted ally to optimize your entire digital environment.

Comprehensive Web Data Extraction Platform

Designed for data scientists

Data Extraction Engine is an intelligent automation platform that allows organizations to extract a massive quantity of information from web sources.

Our technology is based on a deep understanding of human behavior patterns. It can simulate user behavior with such accuracy that they slip past detection methods.

Parallelized algorithms allows the running of multiple simulations to mass extract data. You can run several million queries every day.

Intelligent algorithms based on data markers significantly expand the capabilities of the Data Extraction Engine. Automatic optimization and parameterization of algorithms saves a lot of time by evaluating source states to find changes.

Our platform deploys private and scales easily. Integrate Data Extraction platform with your enterprise systems, while satisfying stringent data security and privacy.


Comprehensive Web Data Extraction Platform
Eugene, Data Expert

Eugene, Data Expert

What distinguishes Data Extraction Engine is the way we democratize data extraction and analytics. "This is not something that exists exclusively for billion-dollar companies," says Eugene - "It's affordable, anyone can use it, it's visually appealing, and it has a high degree of functionality. Not many developers can say that."

Looking forward, Eugene says we are working to grow the company, while preserving the approachability that customers love. We will continue to sharpen our data extraction and data processing algorithms.

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Amazon Data Extraction Tool

Amazon Data Extraction

You can easily extract quantity, price, description, images, title, reviews from Amazon directly. Offers page and product page are scraped.

It is easy to configure the Engine for certain needs. You can scrape by a seller or prime status and exclude international merchants. You can exclude products like Add-ons, which are not sold alone or sold with additional fees.

The software is designed to update price/stock as fast as you need. It is capable to sync hundreds of thousands of Amazon products every day.