For Amazon Associates we have developed a Amazon Magento extension that can automatically import products, attributes, quantity, prices and product descriptions from Amazon into Magento.

New formula to calculate prices in Magento

Changed formula to calculate prices on the fly. Added option pC (%).

Now the formula is:

New Price = Converted Price + Converted Price * pA / 100 + pB

Final Price = New Price + New Price * pC / 100.

Options may be set individually for every product in the Magento Admin Panel

  • Price Adjustment, pA (%)
  • Price Adjustment, pB
  • Price Adjustment, pC (%)

pA - is a percentage adjustment, for example, you have an Amazon price $50, you set pA field to 15, your final price would be $50 + 15% = $57,5

pB - is a fixed value adjustment. For example, you set pB to 25, The Amazon price is $50, the final price in the Magento store would be $50 + $25 = $75

pC - is also a percentage adjustment applied after pA and pB values changes the price.

So Amazon Magento extension allow you to do Magento Amazon integration. It takes all data available for Amazon products by API and allow you to manage prices and attributes of Amazon products in Magento.

Amazon Products Manager bug fixes

  • Fixed Amazon review parsing from the site.
  • Fixed bug with Amazon price parsing from the site (bug took place when prices are higher 1000).


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