We use static blocks to enrich Magento category popup content.

HTML code to display single product

To show a single product in the menu popup add the following html code to the menu static block. Do not forget to replace each "ID" with the ID of the product.

In our demo the code is like this

<div class="items">
<div class="single_menu_product"></div>
<div class="single_menu_product"></div>
<div class="single_menu_product"></div>
<div class="menu_image">
<p><a title="Custom Magento Menu Extension" href="/cosmetics-magento-template/bath-body-magento-template.html"><img src="https://web-experiment.info/media/template/magento_template_custom_menu.jpg" alt="Custom Magento Menu Extension" /></a></p>
<h2>Featured Sales</h2>
<ul class="bullet">
<li>Bath & Body Gifts - Shower Gel, Body Wash, Bubble Bath and Body Scrubs, Body Care, Home Fragrance, Beauty, Great Gifts & more!</li>

Please replace ID_ with proper product IDs, cache_key="" with any different number, and place your own links and images to this content.

Free download single_top.phtml file

DOWNLOAD file and unzip it into folder app/design/frontend/[Your_theme]/template/catalog/product/view/

For more details please check general guide page for the Magento Custom Menu

How to show a single product in the Custom Menu - guide for our themes

This is a guide on how to add images and products to the Custom Menu popup.

Custom Menu is an advanced free Magento menu extension that you could use for any eCommerce store.


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