Amazon Data Extraction ToolsCheck the actionable tools and exact plan you need to start your business with Amazon in 2019.

Both work with the Amazon Advertising API and have huge scraping functions. Both work with rotating proxies to avoid Amazon's ban. So you can extract full product content, descriptions, images, sizes, prices, stocks and all attributes.

Amazon Magento Extension

Magento delivers all the features you need to build an online store. Extension allows:

  • Import products from Amazon to Magento
  • Strong search, filter and sorting options
  • Price management and manipulate product attributes
  • Different add-to-cart actions and checkout options

The extension syncs products one by one using a Cron job. Magento is quite slow if it is syncing a ton of Amazon products.

Amazon Data Extraction Engine

It has a high performance to sync a huge amount of products.

  • Parsing configurations are based on XML files which you can edit
  • Reliable extraction of actual price and quantity
  • You are limited only with server capacity and proxy threads count

The process relies on third party services: Amazon, proxy. Any change on their side may break sync process. The Engine is designed to catch such changes and quickly react to them.

There Are Some Ways to Get Data Depending on the Volume You Need

Extracting about 10k products

Extract product data from Amazon to Magento.

You need:

The resulting speed depends on many options (your hosting, Advertising API limits, sync settings)

Extracting and sync up to 100k products

Download Prime Offers with Free Shipping from Amazon to Magento.

You need:

  • Amazon Magento Extension $190
  • Amazon Data Extraction Engine $590
  • Dedicated server $100/mo
  • Rotating proxy $40/mo

This is our advanced solution. Each product is updated every 3-24 hours.

Extracting and sync more than 100k products

The best solution for Amazon dropshipping. You can run several million queries every day.

You need:

Each package is tailored to your needs. You get privacy and control.

Amazon Magento extension

Free Amazon Magento Extension

  • Search, filter and sort Amazon products
  • Import Amazon products to Magento.
  • Manipulate product attributes and price management
  • Different add-to-cart actions and checkout options. Amazon fulfillment.
  • Automatic, multithread product synchronization


Why it is better to use Affiliate API and the Amazon Data Extraction Engine together? Do we really need Magento? How to exclude unnecessary products?
How to scrape the best deals?

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