Attaching a static block to the Magento menu popup

If you need to add images or other content to the top-level categories of the custom menu.

For example, we have these categories:

Magento categories

Top-level active categories are   Furniture, Electronics, Apparel, Sports and Outdoor.

We should attach a static block to the  Furniture cagtegory.

Click on it in order to figure out its ID. Check out the image:

Magento category ID

The category ID is 10

Navigate to Backend->CMS->Static blocks and click Add New Static Block.

Add New Static Block

The key value is the  identifier

For the category with ID=10, the identifier should be wp_custom_menu_10.

When placing this identifier, the title might be filled with anything.

Fill with required content. Click Save Block.

Flush the cache!

How to set the static block width

For Magento Custom menu version 2.0.1

In order to set your own fixed width for static block please use the following syntax:


where w320 is a directive to set static blocks width to 320 pixels,
15 is the ID of the categoriy.

How to add single product to the Magento custom menu popup

Please check how to add different content to the Magento custom menu popup guide.

This is a guide on how to attaching a static block to the Magento menu popup in the Custom Menu free Magento Extension.

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