Amazon Data Extraction Engine

Crawl, Scrape and Parse Amazon Content

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System requirements: dedicated server + rotating proxies
Product Description

Stand Alone Capture and Data Extraction Solution

Convert Information in Amazon Pages Into Structured Data

Structured Data

Offers page and Product page are scraped. You can easily extract quantity, price, description, images, title, reviews from Amazon directly. You can set the system to scrape by certain sellers and get most of the data from it.

Mass Data Extraction

It’s designed for the high performance of mass data extraction. On a dedicated server + rotating proxy account it is capable to sync hundreds of thousands of Amazon products every day.

You Get Control Over Data Extraction Software
What is the difference between a stand-alone data extraction and SaaS? You get privacy, full control, flexibility, as well as full responsibility for server management and proxy monitoring. And no SaaS subscription fees!

Deep Crawling

The Amazon website is protected by complex anti-scraping technologies. The Data Extraction Engine uses rotating proxies and captcha solvers to ensure website access.

Proper Workflow

The Engine has the ability to make XML configuration instructions and may accommodate HTML structure changes quite fast. Rich XML configurations will make crawler support easier.

For example, it is easy to configure the Engine for certain needs. You can scrape by a seller or prime status and exclude international merchants. You can exclude products like Add-ons, which are not sold alone or sold with additional fees.


Each package is tailored to your needs.
You get full access to the process: sort, filter, make advanced scraping algorithm. All data can be exported in any format you need, or you can integrate it with a database.

You can manage the entire data retrieval process and to log and track any failures and be resilient to changes and updates.


The Engine price includes the first month of support. We will make sure the process is stable and works without errors on your server.

You will get a maintainable, and well-documented system that is durable to changes and improvements.

How to Scrape Data From Amazon in 5 Minutes

Video tutorial on how to extract data through our Demo. This tutorial video is designed to help you in understanding about Amazon data extraction principles and opportunities - in just 5 minutes. You will learn how to upload products to sync with Amazon, how to manage results, and export data to CSV, as well as how to check key performance indicators. This tutorial is ideal to learn what is Amazon Data Extraction Engine all about.

*Synthesized Speech: Amazon Polly

Review of the Amazon Data Extraction Engine

Performance of Mass Data Extraction

This graph indicates the spread in sync speed with ~40 000 products. With sync speed function enabled only 111 820 products will be synced in 90 hours. With sync speed function disabled 1 159 590 will be synced in 90 hours.

That is a 90% resource saving

Saving resources - Performance of Mass Data Extraction

Release Notes

  • 2018-11-20 - Amazon has changed a logic related to offers pages serving. Important Amazon Data Extraction Engine update
  • 2018-09-18 - You can securely connect Amazon Data Extraction Engine to any number of stores.
  • 2018-08-24 - Full UI redesign. Added cool statistics and key indicators at the Engine's dashboard. Added Amazon search by category functionality. Now you can use Amazon options to search products and further refine the selection available in a category. Added FR and JP locales.
  • 2017-11-17 We have announced our new useful tool for parsing Amazon

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