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Product Description

Amazon Affiliate API does not provide exact data about product's quantity, price and images. We offer a standalone parsing tool based on Zend Framework, which gives few benefits above the existing functionality of the Amazon Affiliate API.

Parsing Amazon

You can easily extract Amazon quantity, price, description, images, title from Amazon directly. Currently CA, UK, COM, FR locales are supported. We can add another locale upon request within 2 days.

Stable sync

Sync is performed inside the parsing tool itself and product is triggered when data has changed, that gives a good performance boost. So you can monitor real-time data of change in price, stock count, availability, rating etc. Get the new data that updates consistently.

Flexible settings

Parsing configurations are based on xml files which you can edit. You can set system to parse by certain seller or prime status.

Unlimited proxies

Add any number of proxies to sync more products at once.

Postponed synchronization

This graph indicates the spread in sync speed with ~40000 products. With sync speed function enabled only 111820 products will be synced in 90 hours. With sync speed function disabled 1159590 will be synced in 90 hours.

That is a 90% resource saving

Saving resources


Amazon Products Manager

  • Use Affiliate API
  • Use Magento
  • Search and filter products
  • Slow sync with Amazon

Amazon Parser tool

  • Don't use API
  • Don't use Magento
  • No search function
  • Sync with Amazon better, faster, less resourses

REQUIREMENTSParser Tool requires a proxy list. It will not work without proxy. It is better to use some of the Rotating proxy service. Any limited number of proxy IPs will be suspended eventually. Parser may also use captcha solving account, but that is not a must. The project is PHP based, PHP minimal version is 5.6.

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