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The system operates with Amazon product description, images, prices, stocks and all attributes provided by Product Advertising API.

Works with all locales

Import Products from Amazon to Magento

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • France
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • China
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Brasil
Search, Filter and Sort
  • Search by certain Amazon category/category node ID
  • Search using keywords
  • Search by ASIN, EAN, SKU, UPC
  • Filter by availability
  • Filter products whith special priceNew!
  • Advanced search and filter parameters loaded specifically for the selected Amazon category
  • Min. price, max. price and price delta, which would allow users to load more products during a single search
  • You can filter and import only Fulfillment by Amazon products into Magento
  • Sort products by sales rank, review rank, discount, newest arrivals or any other possible parameters loaded specifically for the selected Amazon category

You can find thousands of products using a single search with price ranges and cyclic search possibilities.

Price Management
  • Add your commission by percent or a fixed value.
Manipulate Product Attributes
  • Set any attribute to import from Amazon
  • Manipulate product attributes; prepare API data before assigning it to certain product attributes
    For example, if you need to generate a single size value from package unit dimensions (height/length/width/weight) to calculate the shipping cost, you can use this custom PHP function.
  • Choose attribute set for imported products
  • Choose products tax class on a stage of products import
Import Configurable Products

Note: Amazon’s variation cannot be 100% matched to Magento’s configurable products due to the price build structure differences.

If you do not need configurable products and need only one variation from any configurable product, there is an option to do that.New!

Add-to-cart Options

There are different possible add-to-cart actions.

  • Redirect to Amazon product details page.
  • Redirect to Amazon cart with this product.
  • Redirect to Magento cart; after clicking “check out,” redirect to Amazon cart.
  • Use regular Magento cart and treat imported products as native Magento products.
Check out on Amazon

This option enables integration between Magento and Amazon carts. Visitors can add products to the Magento cart and check out on Amazon. You can also simply transfer visitors to Amazon’s site from the product pages.
The affiliate code is kept in Amazon Cart for up to 90 days. You can get affiliate commissions even if your visitor waits 3 months to buy.
You can disable “redirect to Amazon” in the extension settings.


The extension supports automatic, multithread product synchronization using cron. The extension does not support sync products from Magento to Amazon.

  • Keep in touch with stocks and prices on actual Amazon product data.
  • Synchronization runs every 5 minutes by default, but you can change the interval.
  • Disable the “out-of-stock” products option.

Also please check Amazon Parser Tool that can monitor real-time data of change in price, stock count, availability, rating etc.

Additional features
  • Ability to copy Amazon’s catalog structure
  • Ability to select Magento Root catalog and import catalog
  • Merchant ID option.

The free version of Amazon Products Manager is fully functional except html parsing. It does not have html parsing features. Therefore, in the free version:

  • You can't get Amazon reviews
  • You can't get prime offers
  • You can't get product description from html page
  • You can't load hi-res images

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