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Configurable products settings

WE Amazon->Settings->Configurable products settings tab

Load only simple products: Yes / No.
The configurable product itself will be ignored and only simple products will be loaded

Show simple products in catalog: Yes / No

Extract parent ASIN from simple products: Yes / No
If product has parent ASIN and product related to this parent ASIN is not yet added to search or not yet imported, it would be added to the search list (not yet implemented)

Sometimes API returns parent ASIN in the search result and the extension can import it as configurable product.

How many simple products to load per one configurable product: number.
Set zero to no limit

Amazon Import - Configurable products settings in Magento

Extract the parent ASIN

Choose one of the product variation to import.

Amazon ASIN

You need to import one of the product variations to extract the parent ASIN and find the parent ASIN in the "Catalog->Manage products->Product Information->Amazon Import Products" tab

Amazon Import - find parent ASIN in Magento

Aattribute set

Amazon  - configurable product

Amazon uses attributes to combine simple products in configurable product. Usually those attributes are Size and Color. Please ensure that required attributes are added to the attribute set and can be used for configurable products.

Configurable product

Navigate to WE Amazon->Search and Import Products. Insert parent ASIN in the Amazon Search Options (Search By ASIN option).
Set import options (category to import products to; correct attribute set for imported products).

The list displays found Amazon products (variations and one configurable product).

The conf product price does not reflect actual variation products prices. But the configurable product price would be the same for all sub products.

That is a small problem in Magento configurable and Amazon variation. Every variation has its own price. But in configurable product price is generated from price values of all attributes selected. And this math equation does not always can be solved.

Amazon Import to Magento - variations and one configurable product

If you have imported products you can see simple products and configurable product in Catalog - Manage Products.

Amazon Import to Magento - configurable product created

What is Amazon Products Manager?

Amazon Products Manager is a Magento extension that allow you to import products from Amazon to Magento. You can use it as Amazon Affiliate plugin, as Amazon content downloader or integrate Amazon fulfillment into your Magento store.

Amazon Magento Extension LIVE DEMO

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