Amazon Data Extraction Advanced Solution

Two modules

The solution includes two parts: search and import products from Amazon to Magento and timely sync this data with Amazon.

Amazon Affiliates Magento extension lets you easily and flexibly filter and import products from Amazon to Magento.

With Data Extraction Engine you will keep Amazon's data extraction running smoothly and efficiently.

What will you get?

This is the optimal way to extract data from Amazon pages and keep in touch.

Our advanced solution allows you to intelligently extract and timely update structured data from thean entire site. Whether for product pricing data, images, sizes, prices, stocks, reviews or even Amazon's all other attributes.

How to pull hundreds of thousands products from the Amazon?

Benefits of using Amazon Advertising API

  • Fast and easy import any products
  • Strong search, filter and sorting options
  • Flexible management of import process

Although Amazon provides an Advertising API for their products, it doesn’t include all data points that you might need from Amazon product pages.

Amazon Affiliates Magento extension

It works with the Amazon Advertising API that allows you to import product content, descriptions, images, sizes, prices, stocks and all other attributes.

  • Extract product reviews
  • Flexible Price Management
  • Manipulate Product Attributes
  • Import Configurable Products
  • Different possible add-to-cart actions
  • Check out on Amazon

How to stable get the Amazon's actual stock and price?

Benefits of using Data Extraction Engine to crawl Amazon products

  • Stable sync using unlimited proxies
  • Extract product details that aren’t available in the Product Advertising API
  • Monitor real-time data on changes in price, stock count, availability, rating
  • Parsing configurations are based on XML files which you can edit. You can set the system to parse by a certain seller or prime status.
  • The frequency of updates can be defined at the time of Engine setup which will decide how often you get the data

Why you will need the Data Extraction Engine

Magento itself is quite heavy and affiliate API requests rate is now limited by Amazon. It doesn’t provide all the information that Amazon has on a product page. The most important thing is Amazon API does not provide exact data about the product's quantity and actual price.

With this Data Extraction Engine you can extract Amazon stock, price, description, images, title from Amazon directly and sync it with the Magento.

How to start extract data from Amazon now

We offer you a reliable advanced solution that can get product's data from Amazon. Let us know about your requirement via our support form here:

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