Health & Beauty Responsive Magento Template 3.1.0

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Product Description

Elegant and clean design

Magento extensions included

Health & Beauty Magento theme will appeal to a wide range of customers. It has up-to-date information about products on the homepage that will help you to maximize your retail business.

Health & Beauty (Cosmetics Magento Template, Pharmacy Magento Template) is a Magento theme specifically designed for stores that sell pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, skin and body care products, nutrition & fitness products, and jewelry. It has a very elegant and clean design interface that was made for the best luxury products.

Extremly customizableVarious styling and layout options

Free updates guaranteeConstantly improvement template

Integrated with extensions9 most popular free Magento extensions, and 6 key Magento plugins included

100% Fully ResposiveAdapt for any screen resolution

Crisp, modern feelElegant and minimalistic design

QR code of the Perfect White responsive Magento template demo

Template is mobile-friendly. Checked at Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Key Magento plugins included

This Magento template comes with a bonus

OnePage Checkout Magento Extension (you save $75)

The fast lightweight and customizable checkout extension for your store. Fast checkout is the easiest way to increase your sales!

Shipping Price Calculator (you save $30)

With this Magento extension you can now provide rates live on product page for different shipping methods with their associated costs.

Smart Catalog (you save $75)

Smart Catalog is the first responsive configurable catalog with a toolbar for Magento.

Stylish Store Switcher

This useful Magento extension displays stylish tabs instead of a select drop down.

Back to Top button

Page is scrolled to top of the page with animation when you push the button.

Total Slider Manager extension included

7 awesome sliders

Magento Template Slider

Create a responsive or full width slider with must-see-effects and all content always readable for search engines.

Total Slider Magento extension has 5 responsive sliders that works perfectly on all screen sizes and mobile devices.

With a huge list of features, Total Slider Manager is the most sleek, intuitive, and powerful slider manager available for the Magento eCommerce platform, making the creation of slides easy for Magento users at all skill levels.

All of the included sliders have very simple interfaces, so there is no need to edit any code.

Integrated with 10 most popular free extensions

10+ awesome features

Free Responsive Custom Menu Magento extension

This replaces the standard Magento menu with a multi-column drop-down menu system. Menu goes to one columnd drop down when screen resolution goes below 800px. Switching between full mode and single columnt mode is based on js. For small screens a submenu area appears when you click a menu item.

Free Cart items preview Magento extension by Vitalityshop

Link to 'My Cart' which displays a box with a summary of the shopping cart items on mouseover.

Free MD Quick View Magento extension by Mage_Designer

MD QuickView Product is a frontend feature that speeds up the browsing process through store by showing product previews on click. Extensions is a great feature that enhances user experience while browsing your store.

Free Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento extension by InstantSearch+

Fastest, cloud-based, most advanced Magento instant search.

Free IG LightBox2 Magento extension by MageSpecialist

LightBox2 is a fully customizable and ready-to-use extension to take control of your products' images.

Free EasyTabs Magento extension by Template Master

This simple Magento extension allows you to add a tabbed interface to a product page. We have customized this extension with the Lightshop Pink Magento Template style.

Free AW Blog Magento extension by AheadWorks

The Blog extension gives you a noteworthy opportunity to communicate with your regular customers and casual visitors.

Back to Top button

Page is scrolled to top of the page with animation when you push the button.

Free ShareThis

Offers the most innovative sharing platform for today's social audience.

Built with Magento Theme

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Magento Sample Data included

Magento template has a Sample Data archive available that contains sample products and CMS pages to allow you to explore your new Magento installation without having to create everything from scratch. The Sample Data contains the website settings, sample products, extensions, menus, and images.

What You Get

  • Template contains a set of necessary components for Magneto
  • The package includes Total Slider Manager, OnePage Chackout, ShippingPrice Calculator, Smart Catalog, Stylish Store Switcher, Back to Top Button and Sample Data.
  • User guides

The package does not include PSD sources

Release Notes

  • 2017-05-03 - Get the Sample Data and Total Slider Manager Magento extension with this theme for free
  • 2017-03-23 - Magento template tested with PHP7 (demo holds Inchoo PHP7 patch for Magento)
  • 2013-11-07 - Version 3.1.0. Small css changes.
  • 2013-10-26 - Performance Test. Load time (repeat view): 2.3sec
  • 2013-10-25 - 3.0.0. Added new features: responsive layout, responsive catalog extension (Smart Catalog), responsive Custom Menu, free responsive slider, 'back to top' button, store switcher and some "must-have" free Magento extensions.
  • 2012-05-17 - Added following features: new custom menu styles, block "brands". Check for Magento 1.7 compatibility
  • 2011-12-08 - 2.0.0 has been relised. We have applied style for Magento extensions: One Page Magento Checkout , Shipping Price Calculator, Total Slider Manager, EM Quickshop, EasyTabs, Quick Feedback, AW Blog.
  • 2011-09-08 - Check for Magento 1.6 compatibility
  • 2011-09-08 - Improvements to News, Sliders, Page templates, and added Free Magento extensions
  • 2011-03-14 - Version 1 was successfully checked as XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • 2011-03-14 - Compatibility tests. Support IE6 (limited), IE(7+), FF (3.6+), Safari (4+), Chrome (9+), Opera (8.5+), SeaMonkey (2.0), Minefield (3.7), Avant (11.7)
  • 2011-03-22 - Load time: 1.3sec
  • 2011-01-30 - Initial release

Templates and Static Blocks

Manage displaying of the products

It is possible to create brands page, testimonials page, news page, and any text pages (2 columns left page, 2 columns right page, 3 columns page and full-width page) with this Magento template. It can be used for service information or any other application that you find useful. In addition,template has a fresh-looking section of highlighted categories.

Additional modules/features

Fully customizable catalog; most popular block, testimonial block, home page products, payments, company info footer block, social bookmarks block, and SEO text block. Developed in best pracises of CSS3.

Fully responsive

Tested in mobile and desktop browsers

Every browser can handle this Magento template. IE8+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera.

  • Tested in desktop browsers:
    - IE 7, 8, 9, 10
    - Opera
    - Mozilla FF
    - Chrome
    - Safari
  • Tested in mobile browsers:
    - MS Windows Phone 7.5
    - Opera Mobile (Android 2.3.6)
    - Android 4.0.3 browser, Android 2.3.6 browser
    - Safari

Since there are so many custom extensions, page templates, unique sidebars, and a custom menu, it can be molded into whatever kind of site the user wants.

The template offers a complete shopping experience with one-page checkout, shipping price calculator, custom menu and much more. Visitors can stay up to date through the banner sliders, news, and blog sections. The home page slider displays the latest promotions so the homepage is always updated with the latest information.

Customer Reviews about Health & Beauty Responsive Magento Template 3.1.0

Amazing theme - Review by Juan,

After looking and searching and more looking and searching again, when i found this theme i was really surprise, it is a really good theme, it has a good professional quality and im sure it is going to make my site to grow bigger, keep going in the same direction, i will pay attention to your incredible themes
(Posted on 1/15/2016)

Superior to other Magento themes - Review by Maria,

I have been using Health and Beauty theme for several years now and it is by far superior to other Magento themes in terms of being userfriendly for the customer. Everything at your hand when you shop at our shop. The system is - in that way better than any other theme I have found for both Magento and when I have tried to find similar quality within other shopping systems. I tried shopify for a while as I thought it would give me more possibilities within partnerprograms - but it only made things so much worse. When using Web Experiments theme I had escape frequency of 3% - but it jumped to 53% when moving to Shopify. So anyone who is not convinced... Highly recommended.
(Posted on 5/31/2015)

Keep doing that great work with themes - Review by Javier,

Keep doing that great work with themes. If our site goes up (and i'm sure of it) we will contact to you to make a most personalised / unique one. I really like your designs.
(Posted on 6/2/2012)

I am very excited - Review by Ismail

I think the feeling that you really understood what a Pharmacy/ Beauty oriented shopping needs are. I have looked at many many web templates. The designers are smart people, no doubt about that but was always missing was that subtle hint that they really did not have that much of deep understanding of specific industries that they were building themes for. So, that makes a world of difference to see somebody actually has spend some time understanding your sector's specific needs.

I do nto expect a 100% perfect template but i am going to appreciate and of course do business with somebody that at least has tried to show me that level of expertise plus understanding of my business needs that i expect. I am very excited and i hope that be a good costumer for you and you be a good vendor for me.
(Posted on 5/24/2012)