Initial installation

1. Copy files from the package theme/ dir to your Magento Directory (PSD/ dir in the package holds PSD source files).

2. Navigate to Backend->System->Configuration->Design->Package Tab-> Current Package Name Field and set this field to default value

3. Navigate to Backend->System->Configuration->Design->Themes Tab and set all fields to zeta value.

4. Navigate to Backend->System->Configuration->Content Management Tab and set "Enable WYSIWYG Editor" to Disable by Default value.

Now do the following actions from the admin side.


Create category for main navigation. Category should be subcategory of the Root (default) category. Category must be active to be showing in the main navigation.

Create new Magento category

Create hidden category. Create 1 category as subcategory to your theme default category. It must be inactive to be hidden in the main navigation. This category will be for "Popular products". Remember the ID of this category. See the image below.

Create new Magento category

Once categories are created it is good to add several products to them. Do not forget to keep indexes in touch. System->Index Management

Create Static Block left_info_block

Go to CMS->Static Block to add new static blocks.

Do not forget to replace "PopularProductsCategoryID" with the ID of one of the created categories.

Block Title* left_info_block
Identifier* left_info_block
Store View* Select correct store view
Status Enabled*
Content * (Click to Hide Editor first)

Edit home page

Disable home_page_header_block and head_phone_block

Go to CMS->Pages and Edit/Add home page

Page Title* home
URL Key home
Store View Select correct store view
Status Enabled*
Content * (Click to Hide Editor first)
Layout 1-column*
Layout Update XML
Status Enabled*



Custom Menu

Please load the Custom Menu Magento extension

Shipping price calculator and One page checkout

Included in the package.

We also recommend adding Lightbox extension to your Magento

If you are using non English language(es):

"Most Popular" sentence is not present in the default language packs. We need to add it manually.
Open file directory where your magento is. Go to "app/design/frontend/default/health-and-beauty/locale/"

There is a "en_US/translate.csv" file there. Copy it to any locale you need (like "da_DK/translate.csv") and edit "translate.csv" file.
It holds this text:
"Most Popular","Most Popular"
You need to change it to:
"Most Popular","[[Most popular in your language]]"

Note that file encoding should be UTF8.

Congratulations! Your magento theme is ready!

Thank you for using this theme.

Customer support

We provide support services through our special form at If you have any questions, please feel free to email us via support contact form

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