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Product Description

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Custom Menu Free Magento Extension

Customizable and easy to use

Our goal was to create an advanced Magento menu that you could use for any ecommerce store you have.

Replaces the standard Magento menu with a multi-column drop down menu system. Allows you to display your product categories in a more intuitive manner.

If you need a universal menu that you can customize as you like – free download it. Magento extension features overview:

Fully responsive layout

Menu goes to one column drop down when screen resolution goes below 800px. Switching between full mode and single column mode is based on js. For small screens a submenu area appears when you click a menu item.

Touchscreen support

Compatible with mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, MS Windows Phone

Display all subcategories at once

All subcategories displayed at once in the popup window.

Customize number of columns

Customize number of columns in the drop down

Apply a static block

Apply a static block at the bottom of each drop down. You can set the width of the each static block.

Right-to-Left format support

Interface should be mirrored when displaying right-to-left languages. The text direction changes to right-to-left.

Feature "Split categories left to right into columns"

It allows to change the direction of columns filling with subcategories in the categories popup

SEO optimized

Menu source code is at the bottom of the page source. Ajax loaded content of the Magento menu is now hidden from search engines. Popup window of the Magento menu is hidden from search engines.

Free Magento Menu supports all major browsers

Compatible with mobile devices

Note. Opera Mini does not fully support JavaScript. We would add some restrictions for Opera Mini in the next version of the extension.

Magento extension release notes

  • 2017-03-23 - extension tested with PHP7
  • 2014-08-23 - Current release of the Magento extension: stable 2.10.0. Compatible with RWD Magento template.
  • 2014-08-23 - Version 2.9.0. Fixed bug with highlighting selected category when Ajax Custom Menu loading is enabled. Removed option "Replace spaces with non-breaking spaces". Removed base64 content encrypting (it is potential SEO problem).
  • 2014-04-09 - Version 2.8.0. Ajax loaded content of the Magento menu is now hidden from search engines. In previous version search engine bots were able to load menu content via direct http link:
  • 2014-04-02 - Version: 2.7.0. More info: What's new in the Custom Menu Magento extension 2.6.0, 2.7.0. Removed option "Display standard menu in IE6 browser", some search engines show themselves as a visitors using IE6. Now menu source code is always at the bottom of the page source.
  • 2014-03-24 - Version: 2.6.0. Important SEO changes. Popup window of the Magento menu is hidden from search engines.
  • 2014-03-19 - Version: 2.5.8. Magento themes and Magento extensions folder is changed from "local" to "community".
  • 2013-12-25  - Version: 2.5.7. Added jquery check function for a smooth show/hide popup. Changed default values for delay options (a delay before appear and a delay before hiding).
  • 2013-09-19  - Version: 2.5.6. Fixed bug of the Magento extension with menu layout on https pages. The bug occured while AJAX load.
  • 2013-08-28  - Version: 2.5.5. Added an option "Mobile menu: enable/disable". Added an option "Move content to the bottom". Added an option "Load content through ajax". What's new in the Custom Menu Magento extension 2.5.5
  • 2013-06-29  - Version 2.5.2.  Magento menu goes to one column drop down when screen resolution goes below 800px.
  • 2013-04-12 - Version 2.4.1. Fixed bug of the extension connected with a wrong static block attachment to a category.
  • 2013-02-28 - Version: 2.4.0. Added touchscreen support for Android (it can also be used with iPad). Fixed fatal error when "Use Flat Catalog Category" option is enabled. Fixed problem with hidden Magento menu when no active top-category is set.
  • 2013-02-15 - Version: 2.3.0. Js code of the free Magento extension was re-factored. You can find commented examples in the js on how to manage show/hide effects. Is there a way to add js-effects to the Custom Menu Magento extension
  • 2013-01-19 - Version 2.2.2. Added RTL document format support - Custom Menu Magnto extension. Field "Right Offset" is deleted. Top offset is now defined automatically if it is set to zero.
  • 2013-01-18 - Version: 2.2.0. Added new Feature "Split categories left to right into columns" - Custom Menu Magento extension, it allows to change the direction of columns filling with subcategories in the categories popup.
  • 2013-01-17 - Version: 2.1.0. Fixed bug with "Merge small subcategories" button, when it is disabled the number of columns not always was equal to the "Number of columns" field.
  • 2012-11-29 - Version: 2.0.1. Fixed the IE10 bug. Added new features: hide empty categories, set the width of the static block. We have added two new features into our Custom Magento Menu extension
  • 2012-08-31 - Files structure was changed. The list of files of the Custom Magento Menu extension
  • 2012-05-04 - Update for Magento 1.7 (rewrite html_topmenu)
  • 2011-02-08 - Initial release

Customer Reviews about Responsive Custom Menu Free Magento Extension 2.10.2

5 stars - Review by Leo

Great extension, and it's free!!
Thanks or the great job.
(Posted on 5/5/2018)

great mobile responsiveness, needs work for iPad - Review by lewisje

As a hack to make the top-level category links work on the iPad, which is not narrow enough to make the mobile drop-down menu load, I went into Block/Navigation.php and replaced the void javascript URI in the function drawCustomMenuItem (line 87, just after "if ($level == 0 && $drawPopup) {") with the same URL that is inserted in the else branch of that conditional.

The submenus still do not load, but at least their contents can be accessed from the top-level categories.

The problem, the way I see it, is that the opening and hiding of submenus is done with mouseover and mouseout event handlers, and those events do not exist on touchscreen devices because there is no "mouse" or equivalent to drag over; I tried using a click handler but that turned out not to work so well either, but I didn't take much time with that.
(Posted on 3/2/2016)

Can we show parent category image? - Review by Jack

We need to show parent category image in Menu? Is it feasible? or it's required custom coding.
(Posted on 11/24/2015)

Excellent but need some help - Review by Jimi

Can you please let me know how to show images in drop down menu like you did in "Beauty Trends" Menu bar. I have tried with assigning static block to category but its not working
(Posted on 11/16/2015)

cool - Review by sri

This works well in 1.9
(Posted on 8/7/2015)

This extension is Working perfect..... thanks..... - Review by Excellent Review by raleshpatel

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(Posted on 4/17/2015)

Exellent, Well done guys! - Review by Meena92

Working as described, really satisfied with the extension! You can customize the look easily with some css. Highly recommend

(Posted on 11/9/2014)

Really useful extension - Review by jehzlau

This is a really useful and conflict free extension. I've installed it in 8 Magento 1.9 stores I maintain and it works as described. Absolutely easy to customized and 100% responsive.
The only feature it lacks is the ability to add custom links. I can only add a homepage link, but I can't seem to find a way to add a custom link other than modifying the source code and add it in its .phtml file.
Anyway, great extension and looking forward for future updates. :)

(Posted on 9/22/2014)

This is fantasty and mind blowing magento extension! - Review by Mamunur Roshid

This is fantasty and mind blowing magento extension.I highly recommend to use it.
(Posted on 9/5/2014)

Working well in Magento 1.9 - Review by khpatel201

i just installed in magento 1.9 and its working great after getting some small changes information from developer. Thanks to support team for quick reply,
(Posted on 9/3/2014)

Good responsive theme with touch screen support - Review by rsffan86

Very easy to install and atttractive responsive theme. It works very well. The design is looking great. Ability to add static blocks to the menu which is awesome and even right to left languages. we will definitely be using this for future projects.
(Posted on 9/3/2014)

Great Support - Review by Joel_bouton

The extension works as described and I love it!
Furthermore the support is very reactive and they helped me a lot to solve my installation issue.
So i would like to say THANK YOU to the support team!!!!
(Posted on 9/3/2014)

Excellent Extn. - Review by sachin1

This is Excellent Extension. And easy to install and works very well. The design is looking great. And no issue on installing on server.
(Posted on 9/3/2014)

Excellent Custom Menu - Review by brina

This is a brilliant extension. I would highly recommend it!! It also comes with excellent and fast support. Thank you so much for all your help.
(Posted on 9/3/2014)

works in 1.9 - Review by izzurban

Very good, but in magento 1.9 you must copy the past template/default and skin/default to folder of theme rwd
Muito bom, mas no magento 1.9 é necessário copiar as pastas template/default e skin/default para a pasta do tema rwd
(Posted on 9/3/2014)

Excellent extension - Review by kwodkewe

Works fine as told. Perfect with Magento 1.9.01 RWD theme. Excellent support from Developer.
(Posted on 9/3/2014)

Excellent - Review by raleshpatel

This extension is Working perfect..... thanks.....
(Posted on 9/3/2014)