How can I import the shipping costs, manufacturer and the main color from Amazon?

There is no way to import shipping costs from Amazon using affiliate API. Affiliate API does not provide such data.

The Magento extension imports and syncs all attributes provided by Amazon Product Advertising API, for example:
- Name
- Price (also please check: Take prices from Amazon directly (not API)
- Qty (if possible)
- Inventory (Stock) (if possible)
- Description / Short Description (also please check: Take a description of a product from Amazon directly (not API)
- Images
- Categories
- Size
- Color
- Brand
- Manufacturer
- Dimensions (height / length / width / weight)
- Model
- Package Unit Dimensions (height / length / width / weight)
- Package Quantity
- Part Number
- Product Group
- Publisher
- Other

You can check it at our demo

Magento Amazon extension LIVE DEMO - Backend Magento Amazon extension LIVE DEMO - Frontend

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This article is related to the Amazon Products Magento plugin.

This useful Magento extension allows you to easily import Amazon products and attributes into Magento.


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