Inc (AMZN.O) has launched a social feature called Spark that allows members to showcase and purchase products on its platforms, the retail giant's first clear move into the world of social media.

Spark, which is currently only available for Amazon's premium paying Prime members, encourages users to share photos and videos, just like popular social media platforms Instagram and Pinterest. The new feature publicly launched on Tuesday for use on mobile devices that use Apple's (AAPL.O) iOS operating system.

In connection with the launch of Amazon Spark, Amazon Team have prohibited action that would generate fees from purchases resulting from a customer using a Special Link in your Affiliate post or starting from your post on Amazon Spark and then returning to Amazon using your Special Link.

They expanded your warranties to reflect your independent agreement to participate in the Associates Program and to explicitly cover international trade regulatory requirements regarding sanctions and exports.

Additional Associates Operating Agreement Changes

Also they have added bounty events for Amazon Prime Monthly Discounted Offering Free Trial and Twitch Prime. They also deleted references to expired bounties relating to Prime Day and provided homepage URLs for Amazon Prime Gifting bounty events.

An Influencer is someone who is considered an authority in a particular topic. They are trusted people on social media. Influencers can spread you message to a very targeted audience.

Amazon Team also added a new Program Policy relating to their Influencer Program to cover social media influencer Associates whom Amazon invites to make recommendations on an Amazon Site.

Amazon Associates Magento extension

Import Amazon products to Magento with your Special Link. The system operates with Amazon product description, images, prices, stocks and all attributes provided by Product Advertising API.

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