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Eugene, Data Expert

Hi, I am Eugene

I was born in Kazakhstan and raised in Siberia where I attended Novosibirsk State University (which is in the top 100 world universities in natural sciences) and graduated with a specialization in nuclear physics.

In 2008 I founded my own Web-experiment project to specialize in web development and work with progressive business owners from all over the globe. My team of developers offers extensive expertise in the eCommerce space.

I work as a Software Architect for Eurostudio which is a global team of experts building ambitious web projects. I love to create high quality code using the latest technologies and toolsets. I like learning new things about software development and innovation.

I can help you build your next project

I understand the challenges of working remotely and am comfortable “working virtually” with teammates and customers around the world.
Things about me.


  • Leadership experience in creating, deploying and iterating excellent software.
  • 10+ years of experience as both a hands-on architect and software engineer. At least eight years experience in a CI CD environment.
  • Led and rolled out robust, scalable and secure electronic data interchange.
  • Experience in building scalable, secured, distributed systems
  • Talent management - ensuring the most qualified associates are hired
  • 8 years’ experience leading junior developers
  • 5+ years’ experience in writing unit tests
  • Build relationships with clients through goodwill and exceptional customer service

Programming and engineering skills

  • Programming languages: Java | C++ | C#(.Net) | PHP | Python | Ruby on Rails
  • Databases: SQL server | Oracle | MySQL | MongoDB | Cassandra
  • SOA, EDA, and design patterns. Strong understanding of blockchain concepts.
  • Javascript (ReactJS) | HTML5 | CSS3
  • Linux | Django | REST | tools for CI/CD (Jenkins) | Git, and shell scripting
  • DevOps

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What else?

I live in Siberia with my family (wife, two children, and black cat). In my spare time, I build my monolithic dome home and the Cassegrain telescope 165mm. My bold black cat