Magento template sample data

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Magento Template sample data

To make it easy to start we have added special offer for Web Developers.

To make your website appear like our preview or live demo page, you need to install the Magento template sample data.The sample data contains the website settings, sample products, Magento extensions, menus, and images. This service is useful when you want to clone the functionality of the template demo store and examples of page design and layout.

What you get: Files archive and DB dump holding complete copy of the template demo.

What is Sample Data for Magento

Magento has a sample data archive available that contains sample products and CMS pages to allow you to explore your new Magento installation without having to create everything from scratch. The sample data archive contains a dump of the Magento sample SQL database that should be imported to an empty database using your database management tool (phpMyAdmin or whatever you use) and a Media folder with sample product images that should be copied to your Magento media folder.

Note: Sample data overwrites any previously installed Magento installation. You would have to install Magento from scratch in order to install Sample Data

If you already have a working store and database, do NOT install the sample data. When you're ready to set up your own store, you should re-install Magento in order to start clean.

Installation of the Sample Data has no difference compared to the default Magento installation.

Magento CE sample data must be installed before you install Magento CE.

Magento Sample Data FAQ

Q: If I don't have data for the Magento template, what will the site look like to start with?

A: There are no products, no categories in the main menu, no sliders, no installed extensions, no Custom Menu banner examples, no static pages, and no blocks. There will only be a standard slider and static content in the sidebars.

Q: Why do you charge $90.00 extra to provide a clone?

A: It takes two weeks for our designer to generate each clone. We assume that anyone else would spend even more to create something similar, as we are quite proficient in doing this.

Q: Is the Total Slider Manager Magento extension included as part of the Sample Data?

A: Total Slider extension is available with the Template Sample Data. You should see it in the Magento Admin Panel, and it is fully operational. We provide it with no future upgrades included for Total Slider Manager extension.

Q: I have a live store and would like your Magento Template with all of its ads. How do I make my store look similar to your demo store?

A: Our Sample Data cannot be installed to an existing shop, as it would override your data completely. To make your store look completely like our demo, move the static blocks, page contents, and products with categories. You might make a fresh installation with Magento template Sample Data and copy all from this installation to your store.