This is a guide on how to set start date and end date in sliders created by Total Slider Manager Magento extension.

Navigate to Slider information -> Display on Date/Time tab

Magento extension settings

Magento slider extension - set start date and end date for display slide

Q: Our PHP timezone setting is Chicago (CDT), however the Advanced Slider always seems to use UTC no mater what. Is this normal? We have always been under the impression that WP Advanced Slider uses the current timezone setting.

A: please check this guide Datetime of server and datetime of Magento don't match

In short, you can change timzone to America/Chicago

Please open to edit app/Mage.php file

Please replace the following code

with this code:

Magento Slider is responsive, size flexible or fluid, it will adapt it’s width and height based on the parent container, this basically mean that it can be used in any kind of Magento website.


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