Creating exceptional shopping experiences is easier than ever with the latest release of Magento Open Source (2.2.4).

This release includes new tools, important cart improvements, cron manager, catalog and product page updates and more documentation completed.

Highlights of the 2.2.4 release

The highlights of this release is quicker checkouts and flexible payment options.

The biggest change in this version is that the new bundled extensions Amazon Pay, Vertex and Klarna Payments is now fully ready for use and available out-of-the-box.

  • Klarna Payments allows to merchants provide customers with the option to pay now, pay later, or pay by installment for their purchases.
  • Vertex simplifies and automates the complexity of calculating sales tax.
  • Amazon Pay provides a trusted, familiar way for customers to check in and check out.

This release includes numerous fixes and enhancements to the Magento Shipping and dotmailer bundled extensions. Cart and checkout:

  • Merchants can now use dotmailer to create their own transactional email templates.
  • Magento no longer combines the Custom Checkout and Shipping steps when system loads the checkout page.
  • You can now successfully change currency for an order before you complete the order.
  • The system no longer throws a JavaScript error on the cart from postcode validation when United States is deselected in the Allowed Countries
  • Street format spacing when multiple streets are present is now consistent across Shipping and Review & Payments checkout steps.
  • Magento now displays text on the New Cart Rules page correctly.
  • When you check out as guest and click Create an account on the success page, you can now click on the customer name to jump to the customer record.

This release includes fixes and enhancements to core features, including performance improvements and installation, setup, and deployment fixes.

  • The backup command now works as expected.
  • You can now use special command to check whether configuration propagation is up-to-date.
  • You can now set API access to integrations for Admin roles.
  • You can now enable or disable the Magento Profiler from the command line.
  • Composer now checks the availability of the bcmath PHP module
  • You can now deploy static content on demand while in production mode.
  • A database backup created and restored now includes triggers as expected.
  • Save operations now work as expected for bundle products.
  • When two customers check out concurrently for the same product, one of the checkouts now succeeds
  • When sorting by price, Magento now displays the same number of products no matter how it sorts products in the Catalog Product list.
  • The category filter used for layered navigation for configurable products with no available options now counts products accurately. Magento now displays catalog listings as expected
  • Product display issues within categories that have been filtered by price have been resolved.
  • Magento no longer throws an error when you re-save a product attribute with a new name.
  • You can now successfully remove a toolbar from a product listing page.
  • You can now add customizable options to a product.
  • You can now save emojis in custom product options :)
  • Magento no longer displays unused product attributes with a value of N/A or NO on the storefront.
  • The Product Image Watermark Size Validation message has been revised for accuracy.
  • Sort by Price now works as expected on the catalog search page.
  • You can now successfully save a new option for a customer product attribute when the value of Admin scope is empty.
  • Magento now correctly displays stock status for products.
  • You can now use custom price symbols when assigning prices to configurable prices.
  • Magento now reorders configurable attribute options as expected on the product page.
  • Magento now trims trailing and leading spaces when saving the name of a new contact.
  • Magento now successfully sends email (with content) even when you make a mistake in the email template file name.
  • You can now import customer addresses from websites with country restrictions.
  • When configuring a customer account, you can now leave the prefix or suffix fields as optional.

And the 200 community contributions.

They're fully documented, so please see the docs and examples to get up to speed on using them.

Magento Team also made some changes to the Dashboard, updated Directory and EAV attributes.

As usual, grab the latest build from the download page and see the full release notes for details.

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