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Scrape products with Discount from Amazon

In this video we are going to scrape and auto post products with Discount from Amazon into Magento. This is Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension demo that allows to import products from Amazon to Magento:

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What you see on the offers page in your browser depends on your personal Amazon account (your shipping address, for example). Therefore, Affiliate API search result might differ from what you see directly on the Amazon site.

How to import discounted products from Amazon. Step-by step guide.

We are going to import some Amazon products with big discounts into Magento using Free Magento extension.

  • Choose category for importing products.
  • Set "Load Amazon customer reviews as Magento reviews (not API)". This is html-parsing feature that allows to grab reviews from Amazon sales and post it as Magento native reviews .
  • Next, head up to the "Search Products on Amazon" tab. Be sure that Search By Category option is selected. Be sure that Search By (Category or ASIN) set to "Search By Category". You can see advanced search and filter parameters loaded specifically for the selected Amazon category.
  • Set Min. Price and Max. Price, Amazon Discount (Min Percentage Off)
  • Set Default Condition = New. You can serach only new products.
  • Then switch to the "Import Products to Magento tab" and select category to import.
  • Make sure the correct Attribute set is selected. ("Electronic" at our demo)
  • Hit "Search & Import Products" button to create new process.

You can check status of the process in the WEAmazon->Process list. When the process is complete you can check imported products on store frontend.

We have imported some Amazon products with 50% discount. This process is fully automatic, from search and filter to import. You can create repeatable process, which will search and import products at Amazon again and again with specified parameters.

Amazon reviews are not loaded instantly, since they are parsed from the site. This function doesn't available in Free version.

Reviews will be loaded later during synchronization. The extension syncs products one by one using a Cron job. You might manage Synchronization settings in the WEAmazon->Settings->Synchronization section. When the process is complete you can check imported reviews on store frontend.

Amazon Products Manager

Amazon to Magento integrationAmazon Products Manager allows scrape and auto post products from Amazon to Magento. The extension offers extensive searching, filtering and sorting options so you can filter and customize your search results to find the exact products you want. The extension allows you to generate any Magento product attributes from the data delivered by the Amazon API. Next, during the import phase, you can add your commission by percent or a fixed value. There are different possible Magento add-to-cart actions and a check out-on-Amazon option. Finally, keep in touch with stocks and prices on actual Amazon product data using auto synchronization. You can download FREE version of Amazon Magento extension.

I want to import Amazon to Magento

Amazon Data Extraction Engine

It s stand alone automate capture and data extraction solution.

  • It can extract quantity, price, description, images, reviews from Amazon directly.
  • It use rotating proxies and captcha solvers to ensure Amazon website access.
  • On a dedicated server + rotating proxy account it is capable to sync about 200k links every day.
  • You will get options to sort out your search results and various option for fine tune out results.
  • All the data will be exported in any format you need or you can integrate with a database.

I want to Scrape Amazon

Please share your experiences or concerns about scrape Amazon below – positive or negative, we would love to hear from anyone and everyone so we can keep learning together as a community.

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