It is a next-generation marketplace of digital commerce solutions. The Magento Marketplace will provide traders a curated user experience for easy exploring of most comprehensive collection of high-end products and services. It will offer developers a superior Magento community and unparalleled tools and marketing resources to showcase the power of Magento tools. It will offer high-quality experience for merchants and a healthy ecosystem for developers.

Magento Marketplace will launch in Q1 2016 with support for Magento 2.0 extensions first, and will add support for Magento 1.x extensions shortly thereafter. They will review each extension, developer's profile, and all related submission information. So they will add extensions if they pass both technical and business review.

Free and paid extensions, as well as themes, including those previously in Connect, must go through the free submission and review process. Not all of existing providers will receive a Marketplace listing.

All updates must follow the same submission process, before they are approved to receive a listing in Magento Marketplace

Business Review

  • Marketplace team will make individual business review for every provider to make sure that they have all required information to process transactions.
  • Marketplace includes integrated payments. Merchants can pay by credit card or Paypal. All developers are required to provide business information to ensure the order processing and payments. W-8 / W-9 forms are required.
  • Magento Business Operations will review every extension to be sure the extension is useful for business targets of sellers.
  • The extension must serve to a valid business purpose by enhancing Magento functionality.
  • Presentation of the extension or theme must meet Magento guidelines to ensure a good user experience.

Technical Review

  • All extensions must pass an automated code check.
  • Extensions must pass Technical Review before they receive a listing in Magento Marketplace. Technical Review will check every extension for plagiarism, malware, and relevance of Magento coding standards.
  • Magento Marketplace support encrypted extensions. Developer can sell an encrypted version of the extension after Technical Review of a unencrypted version of this extension.

Magento pays 70% of the revenue

All sales are subject to a 70/30 revenue share split, with 70% of the revenue for the developer and 30% for Magento Marketplace. This business model includes marketing costs to promote Magento Marketplace.

Extension providers can also selling their products and services on their own sites

Magento Connect

The existing Magento Connect site will be available while migrate extensions over to Magento Marketplace. Magento Connect will be closed a few months after the full launch of Marketplace.

Magento team intends to increase its efforts to drive innovation around Magento Marketplace.

This article is related to Magento news. Magento is a eCommerce platform that powered more Internet Retailer Top 1000 merchants than anyone else. New Magento Marketplace increases the demand for the products that Magento developers providers bring to market and will include a new merchant experience.

Premium Magento extensions are used to add new features and functionality to an existing Magento platform.


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