Magento Community Edition ver 2.2.0

Magento Team provided information on the features and improvements in Open Source version 2.2.0 General Availability. Release notes includes major functional fixes, minor bugfixes and a lot of new features.

Some technical skills will be good for you. You need somewhat technical skills to manage it or you need a technical person or team with PHP/MySQL expertise. Also you need a good server to run magento store, you cannot run it on shared server.

Release notes updated October 2. This page lists the release notes start from a bundled extension, upgraded technology stack, improvements in indexing, cart, and cache operation to enhancements in store security.

Ver 2.2.0 includes the third-party plugin Magento Social. This extension helps you do more with your social profiles and increases traffic to your online store through social channels. It creates a post with items from your catalog. When visitors click a product, they are redirected to the correct page in your store.

Considerable enhancements in the security measures of a platform:

  • the renouncement of unserialize calls and security of this functionality to gain sustainability against code execution attacks
  • the reinforcement the protection against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks

Considerable enhancements in the technology stack. The developer's team stoped support for PHP 5.6, and Varnish 3.

Cache, indexing and cart enhancements

A new way to deploy to production with minimal downtime. The development team refer to this as pipeline deployment because the deployment process occurs on different systems. Resource-intensive processes can run on the build server. Pipeline deployment supports easy management of configuration between environments, too.

Latest optimisation in indexing, cart, and cache allowed to growth the system performance. The running indexers doesn't slow down the storefront productivity. Users can browse your store with no visible impact to their experience during indexing operation. Next the development team combined long-running processes of indexing to the packages. It allow optimize manage of memory and decrease run times of indexing.

Due to cart processing optimization customers can create a shopping cart with more than 300 products now.

New configuration of the cache contains two new modes to ensure there is always a cached page to a customers. There are blocks for frequently changing data that increasing performance cache hit ratios. Additionally there are increased performance of the invalidation logic and optimization of edge side.

Engineering Team have added hundreds of pull offers to the code base from engaged Magento community members.

Multiple security perfection

Some deep-dive details on significant security upgrades. Engineering Team have removed serialize/unserialize from most the code to refine protection against remote code execution attacks. Additionally they have enhanced protection of code from cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. Because certain vulnerabilities can be exploited to access clients information or take over administrator sessions.

Version 2.0.0 includes hundreds of fixed issues and enhancements. The web installer fixed to successfully set up Magento. About 30 fixes in installation, upgrade and deployment sphere. Version 2.0.0 now supports table prefixing during installation and many more enhancements including about 30 fixes in cart and checkout area.

The sample password has removed from the Setup Wizard.

Cart and checkout upgrades

The storefront now presents minicart with all items recently added to your shopping cart. So the number of products in the minicart is now shows correctly. You can now reload a page during checkout without unintentionally changing shipping information. Custom address attributes now appear in the Checkout summary.

A coupon code no longer overrides a cart rule without a coupon code when multiple cart rules are applied. Now Magento don't allow to add a product variation to the shopping cart if the item is out of stock.

The developer's team have fixed an issue with an HTTP ERROR 500 intermittently during checkout. Also they have fixed a JavaScript error that appears on the Checkout page after you modificate the country in the Estimate Shipping and Tax field.

The system now successfully estimates shipping costs. Additionally the checkout page now shows the State/Province field on the Add New Address page and allow to persists Credit card information after a client enters a promotion code.

Magento no longer throws an exception when a client updates their shopping cart after you’ve enabled the Minimum Order setting.

There are also about 20 bug fixes in the cart and checkout processing.

Catalog enhancements

48 issues were fixed in the Magento catalog. The storefront now displays images that Magento resizes during product save operations, rather than resizing the product on the storefront. Additionally the storefront gallery now displays all the images associated with a configurable product. The system now displays the "This is a required field" message immediately neighboring to the item options as needed during checkout process. The category page update the price after running a scheduled update. The system now correctly displays custom options at the store-view level. View permissions to high-level categories now operate as expected. You can now add a product to the "Compare list" without an error. Also Magento no anymore pass a client if he want to place a re-order once you’ve disabled one of items in the order. Out-of-stock options for configurable items no longer display in search and layered navigation results.

Fixes in the Configurable products

24 bugs were fixed in the Configurable products. You can now easy disable the lowest price of a configurable product and its associated simple products. Magento no longer applies one simple product’s special price to another simple product of the same configurable product. Fixed bug with mass editing of attribute for multiple configurable products. So you can now edit a product attribute for multiple configurable products. Additionally the system no longer generates an exception if you add a configurable product by SKU and if an associated simple product is out-of-stock. Also there are some fixes in Email and Frameworks.

Please check the 2.2.0 Developer Documentation site for a peek at updated 2.2.0 developer documentation.

How do the features they have implemented for this Release work in context of your typical workflows?

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