Today’s best eCommerce platforms offer relatively easy ways to extend the platform and integrate best-of-breed software solutions.

Close integration between a leading eCommerce platform and essential business solutions can help eCommerce business owners find success. It begins to make sense to seek out other, more task specific solutions and integrate them.


Import Amazon products to Magento and start selling. The easiest way to sell online!

Our extension for Amazon helps you integrate Amazon with your Magento platform.

  • Synchronize Magento with Amazon: products, stock levels, reviews. Our plugin is able to download and update your Magento product list.
  • Fully integrated with Magento.
  • More than one Marketplace: Amazon United States, Amazon United Kingdom, Amazon Japan, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Canada, Amazon Spain, Amazon Italy, Amazon China, Amazon India.


The Amazon extension’s functions can help you manage your to manage your e-commerce products independently and to perform efficient data updates.

Publish a product for sale

  1. Execute a search for product files in Amazon based on the ASIN, EAN, SKU or UPC code.
  2. Create the Magento product. If the product does not exist on your Magento, you can create a product in Magento and transfer the information directly from Amazon. With the Amazon extension, you can manage simple products, as well as variation products such as clothing and shoes.

Product Advantages

Matching is based on any of the following product codes: SKU, EAN, UPC or ASIN (code specific to Amazon)

Manage product images: you can update your Magento product images directly from Amazon.

Manage product reviews: you can update your Magento reviews directly from Amazon. Amazon reviews can be download during synchronization.

Manage required and optional attributes by associating Amazon’s attributes with Magento.

Price and stock updates

You can manage on how often updates are runs. Once your products are published on Magento, prices and stock levels are updated automatically every 5 minutes by default. You can change it as you need.

Prices management is the intelligent re-pricing tool. You can keep up by applying your own settings to re-price your Magento products. Prices management allows you to adjust your product prices without risking profit loss by assessing the competition and re-pricing accordingly.

Install in your Magento system for complete control of your sales!

Order processing

You can process Magento orders just like you would any other order within Magento. There are different possible add-to-cart actions:

  • Redirect to Amazon product details page.
  • Redirect to Amazon cart with this product.
  • Redirect to Magento cart and after clicking checkout redirect to Amazon cart. Whenever a new order is made on Magento, it is automatically imported to Amazon.
  • Use regular Magento cart and treat imported products as native Magento products.

The Amazon extension settings are split into 3 levels of importance:

  1. Import Products
  2. Synchronization with Amazon
  3. Process List

The Import Products section contains

  1. Amazon Search Options. You will need to choose Local and Search type (category / ASINs). In the category you can search by Id Type (keywords, SKU, EAN, UPC). The interface also allows you to control specific attributes such as: Minimum Price, Maximum Price, Price Delta and Availability.
  2. Import Options includes management of categories (Create categories on the basis of Amazon structure / Use existing categories) and choosing of the Attribute Set. In this section you can apply your price rules (Price Adjustment). The interface also allows you to control the following parameters: tax class, default condition, SKU and websites to publish.
  3. The Import Products section you can see all products that fits your search criteria.

While using extensions for Magento may seem relatively easy for web developers, but it requires skills and experience beyond what some small and mid-sized eCommerce businesses possess.

Magento Amazon extension LIVE DEMO - Backend Magento Amazon extension LIVE DEMO - Frontend

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