Is Amazon Products Manager compatible with M2E Pro?

Yes, our clients use M2E Pro with Amazon Products Manager. It works. You would probably need to do some attributes mapping, but it should not be a problem.

Amazon Products Manager is Amazon to Magento connector. M2E Pro is a Magento to eBay / Amazon / Rakuten connector.

To get your Magento products listed on eBay, Amazon or Rakuten:

  1. Choose your platform
  2. Install M2E Pro Magento extension
  3. Configure M2E Pro listing
  4. Select Magento products you would like to sell on eBay, Amazon, Rakuten
  5. List products on the marketplace
  6. Fulfill an order. Once a sale has been acquired from a marketplace, a corresponding order may be created and stock in conjunction with inventory stages across all channels adjusted as a result.

Stock control

Extension can assist you to keep up full control over your inventory even when you have a restricted number of items available for sale online. Listing the exact only product across multiple locations never has been been simpler! In the situation if a product gets sold in a location, M2E Pro will automatically stop listings for this item in almost any other location; later, once new stock gets delivered for that product to a inventory — all listings will be activated at all locations.

The configurable products is completely supported by Magento - eBay integration.


M2E Pro uses the Magento platform as a major data storage and allows users to enter all products descriptions in one place. All the information from Magento gets automatically synchronized across relevant warehouses.

Prices management

M2E Pro allows sellers to define different prices depending on the marketplace. You will able to run advertisements and discounts and automatically update your prices.

Latest reviews from Magento Connect

Great Extension with some issues - sadly no longer FREE

For us as a big seller, this is now looking at £6k+ per year which may not sound much but feels like eBay has extended their fee structure - more fees = less profit = less investment and growth.

The software is great and is extremely flexible but now it comes at a significant price which is ongoing and unavoidable. Yes it offers easier integration but to get the most of it you have to invest a lot of time understanding the complex rules and how M2E applies these on the marketplaces - get this wrong and your listings will be wrong and you risk suspension or worse (been there - done that).

You'll see this isnt a negative review - far from it - but I dont really like how modules like these are advertised free but like the mobile market, it should indicate that there are subscriptions and 'in-app' purchases to get any real use out of it.

PS Before anyone says there is a free subscription option, this is for revenue which is less than my mum makes at car boot sales so is really only for testing.

December 24, 2015

M2E Pro - The BEST Inventory program in the world

Have been using M2EPro for several years now and can honestly say it has no equal, as from my experience all other inventory tools pale in comparison. It is simply the BEST program in the world.

Additionally the par excellence staff at M2EPro is incredible, beyond perfection. Not only experts in the field, but also respond quickly, always available and kind.

I will always be grateful to the developers of M2EPro for creating this amazing tool which decreases workload by at least 65% and decreases my stress by 100%

November 30, 2015

Useless when using ImportExport

The extension is Ok for shops where products are edited manually, but kind of useless if you are using any mass product change (ex. ImportExport)

While the extension does provide a tool to register changes, it is incomplete and misleading. The documentation and code suggest any change can be tracked but in reality only qty and price can be changed.

  • Adding products doesn't even work
  • Removing will delete only from listing in magento but not in ebay (making it useless)
  • updating shipping costs doesn't work
  • Using auto-add rules is useless because they won't work

Also if you hope to extend it to add anything think again, most methods are private and the code doesn't follow Magento standards.

August 24, 2015

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