If you need a one-time scraping job there are many freelancers at upwork.com. The price starts at $100.
If you need to scrape a huge amount of products. API usage is easy and cheap. But not all platforms have the API.

Amazon data extraction

For example, we can consider the Amazon site as the biggest eCommerce site in the world.

  • Amazon API has requests per moment of time limits
    Currently, the default API account can handle to update ~1000 of products per 5 minutes. So API allows you to get like 10k products per hour.
  • Amazon API has some limitations on data provided
    You can not choose which price and qty it gives if there are many sellers. Therefore, prices from the API are different. You can't control the exact price and seller.

The rest can be done only with HTML scraping software. If we need to get qty and scrap prices fast for lots of products, we have to use software with HTML-parsing functionality.

Price of data extraction

  • API
    There are lots of free solutions that work with Amazon API, for example, free Amazon Magento extension.
  • Custom Amazon scraper
    Our Amazon Data Extraction Engine price is $590. It needs a rotating proxy account $50/mo and dedicated server $100/mo. It is capable to sync millions of links every day. You get privacy, full control, flexibility.
  • SaaS
    SaaS price is very high if you need to scrape thousands of products daily. For example, scraping around 150k Amazon products daily will cost $4k per month.

Amazon Data Extraction Engine

High-performance tool for a crawl, extract and parse content from Amazon. With this solution you can scrape Amazon stock, price, description, images, title and sync it with your system. You can easily get this data from Amazon directly.

It is easy to configure the Engine for certain needs - like to scrape data with only prime offers, not to take international merchants. Also, you can exclude products like Add-ons, which are not sold alone or sold for an additional fee.

Please share your experiences or concerns about eCommerce data extraction below.

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