Please refer to the instructions "How to create slider", "How to insert slider"

Here is the example setup of the Trisha slider from our demo. Feel free to make changes.

  • Width: 700
  • Height: 200
  • Full-Width Mode: On

HTML code to display Magento category in the slider

Code example of the first slide

This is a guide on how to specify Magento Banner Slider Manager Extension settings in the Full-width responsive template.

Total Slider Manager is a premium Magento Banner Slider extension. It uses cutting edge technologies to provide the smoothest experience that’s possible. Slider Manager comes with 7 built-in perfect sliders.

Full-width is a responsive template with huge list of features includes a 5 key premium Magento extensions and 10 most popular free plugins and unlimited colors option. Design is intuitive and simple, making it easy for any visitors to find their way around your Magento store.

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