Magento Team just published a free basic short “How To” videos. It will help anyone learn to use the world’s most flexible eCommerce platform. It’s an opportunity to earn Community Forum Badges and Magento swag and another way to promote your name in the Magento-verse.

The eCommerce giant has launched a free video collection explaining the technology that underpins so many of its services. Magento wants to teach you deep learning. The library is available on for-profit education. Library catalog:

  • Videos for Magento Developers
  • Videos for Front End Developers
  • Videos for Merchants / Marketers
  • Videos for System Administrators
  • Additional Helpful Videos
  • Videos of M1 to M2 Migration
  • Business Analysts
  • Magento Marketplace Extensions

You can contribute your own short “How To” videos to the Free Magento Video Library. Magento U will reward you with Professor Points based on your contributions to the Library and helping others in the Community to learn Magento. Magento Team will review all contributed videos for quality and accurate information.

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