Q: I installed your theme into my newly installed Magento store. Set everything up following the instructions (everything worked and displayed correctly) .Then installed the “dump.sql” via phpmyadmin . It successfully installed but I can no longer log into my admin.
There is no demo data visible anywhere even though I have installed the dump.sql from the demo_sex folder into my database.

A: Probably before copying the SampleData, you did not delete the old data from the database.

To resolve the problem you will need to:

  • Remove all tables from the Magento database
  • Set the database encoding utf8 or utf8_general_ci
  • Copy the Dump.sql. To avoid errors with importing, do it with Sypex Dumper 2 or adminer.php
  • Rerun the Magento installation

You should perform the installation of Magento the same way as it described in the official Magento page. First you should copy fresh Magento files from the archive, import the sql dump file, and only then proceed with the Magento installation by visiting http://YourMagentoUrl/install.php.

Q: We just buy a theme with Sample data. What are the login and password by default for backend ?

A: You should set it at the last stage of installation.

Q: Are these manufacturers real?

A: All products were imported to Magento from the Amazon. But we have not done synchronization and the info may not coincide with the current state on the Amazon.

Q: How do i remove or modify the (all included) & (without data) tabs? Above the navigation menu

A: It is necessary to delete additional stores in the Backend->System->Manage stores section.

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