Q: I intend to buy the Magento theme with the installation + newest Magento version. I will rent a server. Is there anything else that I need to do?

A: In order to install Magento + the Template, we require access to the control panel of the Apache webserver with PHP and MySQL installed onto it—just a dedicated PHP server is not enough. A webserver needs to be set up first.

Q: How do I move Magento from the test folder to my main folder?

A: In order to move Magento, you should move all of its files, and change the core_config_data table and secure_url and unsecure_url strings in the database to the new values.

Q: Currently, the link in our main page logo is directed to “www.site.com/index.php”. Where or how can we modify the link? We need to redirect the logo link to “www.site.com” (without the "/index.php").

A: It looks like Apache rewrites are disabled for your store; you need to enable them. In the backend System->Configuration->Web->Use Web Server Rewrites, set the option to “Yes.” To do so, you should have Apache mod_rewrite enabled.

Q: If we have a preinstalled version of Magento, should we just upload your template files to our FTP host?

A: Yes, every theme has an installation program that copies the files via FTP.

Q:Are there any specific steps to upgrade from the old theme to the new one? Or is it just a matter of overriding the old files with the new ones via FTP and then following the steps shown in the installation page?

A: Yes, you can just copy the new files over and follow the steps in the installation guide.

Q: Is it possible to make the theme compatible with Magento version 1.3? How much extra will it cost?

A: Though it may be possible, we do not offer the service. To do so may require fixing not only the theme, but also all of the extensions that it works with.

Q: I've recently bought a Magento template and am trying to get it to work, but I don't know where to install the PSD files. Can you explain to me where I need to install the PSD files on the server?

A: You do not have to install PSD files onto your server. These are source files for designers.


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