Connect new Magento store to Amazon Scraper Engine

You can securely connect Amazon Data Extraction Engine to any number of stores. New functional allow:

  • Send Amazon images data to Magento
  • Send a delete request if the product's sync status is not Active
  • Send a create product request if the product is missing in the Magento store
  • Check if a description is different between the Engine and the Magento store and send an update command if there is a difference

Manage stores in the Amazon Data Extraction Engine

You can connect a new Magento store to your Amazon data extraction system:

Connect new Magento store to Amazon Scraper

Amazon Data Extraction Engine

High performance tool for crawl, extract and parse content from Amazon. With this solution you can scrape Amazon stock, price, description, images, title and sync it with your system. You can easily get this data from Amazon directly.

It is easy to configure the Engine for certain needs - like to scrape data with only prime offers, not to take international merchants. Also you can exclude products like Addons, which are not sold alone, or sold with additional fee.

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