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4 Simple but Effective Ways to Improve Magento’s Performance

We use all 4 these ways in order to speed up our Magento shops.

  • Enable Flat Categories and Products.
    Makes SQL queries more light. Which is speed up db routine.
  • Merge CSS and JS Files.
    Decreases the number of html requests for the browser. Which decreases page loading time.
  • Enable Compilation
    Speeds up php scripts. It combines all php files into one.
  • Caching Magento
    Caches all html blocks into static files.

Some use cases. It is necessary to disable all 4 options during development. Once all development are done it is required to run the final test with all 4 options enabled.

Important notice!

While any extension installation options 3 and 4 (Compilation & Caching) must be disabled.

We recommend to always check those options before any extension installation. Having these options enabled during extension installation might ruin the whole website with inability to flush the cache or recompile the code through admin panel.

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