Krista Magento Slider

Now Krista Magento slider is fully responsive. Slider container is resized according to a browser window size.

Css and phtml files are updated ( css-class "slide" replaced with "slide-krista" in order to avoid css conflicts with third-party extensions)

For your theme you would need to update your css file. Please download example: krista.css and place it to the
[YourMagentoDir] / skin / frontend / default / [YourSkin] / css / webandpeople / advancedslider / folder

Full-Width Mode option

Added Full-Width Mode option in the Magento slider preferences which enables or disables responsive feature.

Now you can not set the width value to 100%. You can use fixed width with full-width mode on instead.

Before: Old settings of Total Slider Manager

Now: New settings for total Slider Manager

The Full-Width Mode is not available for Nicole and Xandra sliders.

Amanda Magento Slider

Updated Amanda js source code (Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin, Version 2.3.9 Release Date 08.04.2013)

Standard Magento slider

Now Standard slider is fully responsive.

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