First, our site is hosted on

  • We merged small gif and png files into one sprite png image.
    You can check online services, which allows you to combine files easily and even generate new cascading style sheets (css) that use sprite -
  • We moved small images to css in base64 format.
    This is a wonderful way to decrease the amount of html requests. Small images do not take much room in the css but take time to load as separate html elements. Each image moved to css gains 100ms-200ms!
  • We added slider images to pre-load
    just after the body tag.
  • We deployed several domains to load static elements,
    such as css and images, to allow browsers to load more html elements at once. We created two additional subdomains for css and images.
  • We added delay
    on facebook, twitter js addons.

As a result, the number of html elements decreased from 83 to 32.
First view load time decreased by 30%.
Repeat view load time decreased by 50% and is now less than 1.4 seconds.

There are still ways to speed up even more!

One option is good Magento hosting, which beats up all Magento routine in 700ms-800ms.

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