Code is completely rewritten for jQuery.

Short description field

Added option to hide the short description field.

New HTML and CSS

Tableless design (list block is based on <ul> tag).

All images are converted to base 64 data URIs and placed into css.

Promo category

Magento Category layout with product name, price, rating, add-to-cart button, add-to-wishlist, add-to-compare

File /app/code/local/Mage/Catalog/Block/Product/Promo.php is included to the package. You can display chosen category in one line using this block. Features:

  • limit product count by quantity (products_count)
  • possibility to set image size and column width by user
  • sorting by Product ID in descending order; by default sorting is based on the default option (sort_by), which is set in the Magento backend.

Please see guide: Promo category block

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