• Magento 2.0 runs on PHP 5.3 and the Zend Framework.
  • jQuery Replaces Prototype.
    The default prototype library will be replaced with the jQuery.
  • Better Model Component-Oriented Architecture
    It will be a completely new architecture and a code base. The various modules will be components with high code coupling between each other. The Magento directory structure will also change.
  • EAV
    - Magento developers tend to simplify, to make the product as massive.
    -The new version will not include EAV, and it probably will not be in the directory.
    -Developers will have to rewrite modules
    -Magento 2 retains the three model, helper, and block factory methods. Magento 2 has done away with the alternate group/class-name alias structure.
  • Multiple DB Support.
    Magento 2 will be supported by MSSQL, Oracle and is expected to support PostgreSQL soon.
  • Speed
    Magento 2 will be faster than ever, reducing the time to generate the pages on the server and also optimize the page load times in browsers.
  • Automated Testing
    Magento 2 will come with a set of automated tests for Unit Testing, Integration, and Functional and Performance Testing

The code is also available at Github

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