Choose products attribute set

It is now possible to choose attribute set for imported products.

Import Amazon to Magento - choose products attribute set

Note, you need to specify right attribute set before you click "find products" button.

Magento Amazon synchronization improvements

New feature in the System->Config->Wp: Amazon Import->Synchronization section.

"Qty of products synced per cron run": you can now change the number of products to be synced per cron call.

It is good to have the qty like 10, 20, 30 etс. i.e. it is good to be divisible by 10.

Note, good hosting server (with plenty of memory, good cpu and fast disks) is able to sync a product within 1-2 seconds (most of the time taken by Magento create/edit product routines), if html parsing features are enabled they might take 2-10 seconds and more.

Amazon Magento  synchronization - Qty of products synced per cron run

You need to check the average time required for a single product sync here Catalog->Wp:Amazon Import->Synchronization

You can sort a list of products by "Last Update" row and see which is the time difference between closest products.

Amazon Magento  synchronization - check the average time required for a single product sync

For example, you have 5 seconds in average to sync one product. And a cron is called once per 5 minutes.

You can set "Qty of products synced per cron run" to 50 or 60. Value of 50 is better. If the cron would not be able to finish before the next call the task would be skipped.

Small tunnings to html parsing functions.

This article is related to the Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension.

This useful Magento plugin allows you to easily import Amazon products and products attributes into Magento.


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