Today the Internet has become an indispensable business promotion tool. More and more entrepreneurs are opting for e-commerce as the easiest and most efficient way to build a successful business. And the principal form of e-commerce is online shopping. Setting up an online store is the option perfectly suited for both newly emerging companies and savvy entrepreneurs; it doesn't involve a complex working infrastructure, reduces the number of required staff and has many other benefits that can substantially enhance the end profit.

Your Own Online Store for Free? Done and Done!

CMS Magento eCommerce stands out from all the other free open-source CMS. This platform is designed specifically to build online stores of all shapes and sizes using ready-made templates. It is a perfect match for both the experienced entrepreneurs wishing to try their hand at e-commerce and newcomers who decided to start their first business online. Free templates possess a multitude of features allowing you to control and customize your online store as desired.

It is also possible to purchase premium Magento templates that unlock more advanced functions, but for the beginning of your business journey a free template will suffice. Managing the website is possible even without the basic programming skills, and premium features can be added later on, when the business is more established, and the investment in online promotion would be more justified.

If you plan to concentrate on attracting a large number of visitors right away, using a free hosting for your Magento-based website is hardly an option. Free web hostings have a capacity of no more than 25-30 visitors per day, and if the hosting cpu limit (which is usually around 3%) is exceeded, the website can be temporarily disabled. Therefore, it is advisable to use a specialized Magento hosting plan, which on average costs about 20$ per month. If your store brings profit, such a sum is negligible, and yet it will ensure the fast and stable work of your website even when the number of daily visitors exceeds 300.

How does it work?

Having picked the desired template, you can download it within a matter of few minutes and start creating your own online store right away. You will find that your new store has a very user-friendly administration panel. You won't even have to consult a help manual to learn all the main operations: content editing, updating the catalogue, creating mailing lists, disabling unnecessary extensions, setting up the currencies, customizing the website design, and many others.

Main features of CMS Magento

One of the most valuable assets of CMS Magento eCommerce is its extensive flexible functionality that all the users can enjoy upon setting up their online store. CMS Magento is equipped with the following features:

  • Multiple currencies support
  • Multilingual support
  • Control over several online stores from a single administration panel
  • Adding customer discounts and coupons
  • Generating performance reports
  • Product categorization
  • Possibility to customize each web page individually
  • Clear and efficient web promotion tools
  • Restricting access to control options, and many more.

Build your own online store with CMS Magento eCommerce and free your business from any territorial boundaries. You will be able to promote and sell your products all over the world from the comfort of your home, whether you buyers are from Japan or Uganda. Magento is the ultimate solution for any company engaged in the direct sales of goods and services.

Go Proactive with CMS Magento

It's no secret that online sales continue to grow at a steady pace. Reasons behind this trend are pretty clear, and if you've already decided to set up your own online store, you probably realize perfectly well how cost-effective and convenient this business tool is. But the mere realization that you need to expand your business horizons is hardly enough. The first and fundamental step towards reaching this objective is choosing the right CMS platform for your online store.

It is safe to assume that you aim for a large outlet with an extensive catalogue of products, lots of visitors, accessible interface and maximum usability – after all, why would you settle for anything else? All these characteristics are determined solely by the platform which you use to build your online store. Bear in mind that stable and flawless performance of your website is the key to higher sales figures and further expansion of your business in the e-commerce sector. The desire to save money is perfectly reasonable, but in this case top priority should be given to picking the best CMS. Failure to do so will result in many unfortunate complications. You might not encounter them during the first months of work, when the store will be attracting just 10-15 visitors per day. But later on, when the number of visitors increases and the sales go up, you will face a world of problems: order processing errors, incomplete product configuration, difficulties in adding new items, inefficient CRM channels... this list can go on and on!

With СMS Magento you will be safeguarded from all these annoying issues, and your business will reach the soaring heights.

About CMS Magento

In case you've never heard of CMS Magento before, here is a small introduction. The platform was created by Ukrainian developers for the Western market. Due to its outstanding characteristics, it was the winner at Sourceforge Community Choice Awards 2008 in the "Best New Project" category.

Magento was built on Zend Framework, which makes it a perfect fit for major multi-level projects. In fact, it is even better suited for setting up large-scale businesses than for small outlets with a limited product range. With CMS Magento, the creation, adjustment, expansion and management of your online store will all go without a hitch.

Get your online store up and running

The initial stage of building your own online store is the most challenging. You have to take into account your sales niche, marketing strategy, target demographic, future trends and many other factors. CMS Magento will help you address them all in a most effective and thorough way. The platform supports multiple payment and shipping options, making your goods or services available to people from any part of the world. Some payment methods are enabled only if you buy an extension, but the free configuration already allows for quite an extensive list of payment and shipping solutions, so you won't have to worry about purchasing additional features for a long time.

Another crucial stage consists in filling your new store with content, creating product catalogues, adding new items and other necessary information. In most free CMS all these operations are performed manually, thus eating up a great chunk of time and resources. But CMS Magento is not like that: you can effortlessly fill your new website with information by importing data from any inventory counting software or a web resource.

Websites bulit with Magento are already optimized for search engines, so they will rank higher even without additional SEO efforts. As an extra perk, you can always do the backup and then rollback the system to the previous state, so you are free to experiment with various functions and customizable options without running the risk of permanently messing up the settings.

Making Adjustments

As your online business grows, you will feel the need to make adjustments and add new features to your store. The free version of CMS Magento already has a very extensive functionality with the options of multiple currencies, access regulations and multilingual support. Admittedly, the localization of the platform is not yet complete: some languages are currently in the beta-testing phase.

Magento's powerful capacity allows for managing multiple online stores from one administration panel. You will be able to update catalogues, edit content and set up extensions for several websites at once. Even more impressively, whether CMS supports several stores or just one, it will still run at its highest speed.

Another clear advantage of Magento is its complete flexibility. Any of the platform's parameters can be easily adjusted as needed without changing the source code, which spares you extra costs associated with web development. However, if you do have developers in your team, they will find plenty of possibilities to expand the store's functionality and build personalized extensions.

Due to such a vast number of features, CMS Magento eCommerce uses up a lot of resources, as do most of such platforms. But all you need to have the system running smoothly and at its full speed is invest in a good hosting service, thus ensuring that your online store can easily accommodate over 300 visitors per day.

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