Sometimes when we see a product in an online store, the information consists only of a dim image of poor quality under the slogan "We sell only the best!" Of course, this is not enough to convince the visitor to make a purchase (unless the visitor knows little about the product and has bought it for many years). By showing items in such a way, the owner loses many buyers.

We know that visitors to online stores are divided into three groups:

  • Users making choices based on the product image
  • Users making choices based on features and details
  • Users who have a higher value advertisement text that describes the benefits and advantages of the product

Each group of users needs to receive the optimal amount and type of information.

Users making choices based on the product image

The first group of users needs big, beautiful, high-quality images of the product with different foreshortening. The buyer should have the opportunity to carefully consider the product.

Magento Store allows you to place an unlimited number of images per page for each product. Magento is a convenient interface for viewing the gallery of images of the product in a separate pop-up window.

Thus, 4–5 large good quality images allow users to create an overall impression of the product.

If a product has multiple colors (e.g., clothing) in the Magento, it is better to install a special extension, which allows you to change the content of the gallery, depending on the selected color. The cost of these units is about $100.

Users making choices based on features and details

Users who need technical information need a separate, organized information unit as detailed as possible to transfer technical characteristics of the product, color, size, and weight. A visitor, all other things being equal, tends to choose the option that is more detailed.

The most impressive provide facts and figures. So the more detailed the description, the more the client is inclined to decide in favor of this product or service. It is a fundamental law of the human psyche: This applies not only to technical products but also the most ordinary things, such as mascara, are available release date, volume, color, package size, shape and density of the brush.

Users who have a higher value advertisement text

The third group of buyers is susceptible to the description of the benefits of the goods. They need a text box in which information is best served by the rule "Feature—advantage—benefit." The combination of the features, advantages, and benefits make the text more compelling.

Features can be measured, read, and seen. The color and designer's name are features (and detail). Advantages are big, cheap, and fast. The man knows the world, based on comparisons: above-below, big-small, more-less. Finally, the buyer can receive specific benefits from using the goods.


In addition to the foregoing, the Magento store has the ability to post reviews on products. On the product page, the user can write and send feedback, which, after your approval, will be published in the same place.

Thus, the most convincing presentation of the product includes 4–5 high quality images of the product from different foreshortenings, the unit features (facts and figures), the description of the benefits, and customer testimonials.

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