Parse product page of the certain seller

Added ability to parse product page of the certain seller by setting &m=SELLER_ID value in the Merchant field

Custom php function have access to the parsed html code

Custom php function now have access to the parsed html code of the product page if sync product description field is enabled.

Our extension has a function to parse html of the product page directly on Amazon site. We need that since API data sometimes has a limited details.

Extension makes curl requests to Amazon site during synchronization and the html code can be now accessed from the custom php function.

What info you can now access: product qty (the api returns the number of sellers instead of the real qty), product qty of the certain seller, actual price and/or price of the certain seller, all available description.

Amazonimportproductsaddon extension

Updated Amazonimportproductsaddon extension, custom php function now works during synchronization (it was only working within backend before)


Added examples to Amazonimportproductsaddon extension with changing stocks, description by filtering product page html code. You can now easily take real qty of the certain seller from the Amazon page. The Amazon API by default delivers not the real qty of the product, but the number of sellers which sell the product.

This article is related to the Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension.

This useful Magento plugin allows you to easily import Amazon products into Magento.


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