Cyclic search for Amazon products

In the previous release ability to sort API response were added. Since we now can sort products by price, there is a possibility to cyclic search until whole category is loaded.

We have added this feature now.

Once you select some category, choose Sort By option to "Price: Low to High" or "Price: High to Low"

Magento Amazon product import options

You are free to fill all other search options. Only "Price delta" option would be ignored when Sort By is set to "Price: Low to High" or "Price: High to Low".

Sometimes this cycle search brakes on a round prices. Like $5.99 - if there are more than 100 products with the same price, process would be terminated.

New fields are available for usage in the Additional attributes tab

There is product description in Additional attributes:

Amazon - product information in additional attributes

Change in the Additional attributes tab:

Magento Amazon - additional product attributes

Those fields like Features/0, Features/1 etc. can now be used in a custom php function (it is not available in the attributes mapping)

There is an example on how to use such fields in making a product description

Amazon Affiliate Programm has great conversion rates and can make you a decent amount in commissions if you promote products on your website.

Key Features of the Amazon Affiliate Magento extension:

  • Fast and easy import Amazon products would you like to sell on your Magento
  • Import Amazon reviews into Magento
  • Manage product attributes
  • Preload prices management - add your commission


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