Your visitors have come to expect relevant and personalized content and shopping experiences. Magento allows you to dynamically segment both guest visitors as well as registered shoppers. See how easy it is to use Magento segmentation and personalization capabilities today!

Personalized marketing is a strategy by which businesses leverage data analysis to offer individual messages and product advertisement to current or prospective clients. Present relevant content, promotions, products, and pricing based on customer profiles, online behavior, and purchase history

What is personalization?

Show the right product, to the right person, at the right time. You can do this with Magento by segmenting your visitors, then personalizing their shopping experience. Watch how easy Magento makes segmentation and personalization in the video below. It is incredible personalized marketing example.

How it works

Browsing site as the guest Magento collect valuable info about visitor's activity. For example you are looking for camp stove. You browse the site and take a look at the product. Magento now knows your interested in the segment accordingly. When you return to parent category to looking more items you are presented with personalized offer with 20% savings. This is dynamic segmentation.

Magento can track even more information. If you are VIP shopper registered in loyalty program you have access an exclusive private sale category. And you offer personalized banner promoting tripple points. At the product page you can see a special VIP pricing and tailor cross-sells.

Boost conversions with Magento segmentation tool and deliver a truly relevant and personalized shopping experience.

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