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Magento Open Source 2.2.7 Release Notes

This release includes numerous functional fixes and enhancements. Magento Commerce 2.2.7 includes a wealth of new, exciting features, and hundreds of enhancements and fixes. Although this release includes a wealth of new, exciting features, and hundreds of enhancements and fixes.

This release includes multiple general usability of the core code enhancements plus enhancements to wishlist and shipping features.

Customers can now choose which wishlist to add a product to when adding products to the wishlist from the shopping cart.
Products disabled in the Admin no longer appear in storefront wishlists.
Magento now displays a success message when a customer successfully updates a wishlist.
Magento now displays the correct options when you click on View Details for a product with configurable options.
The Magento UPS module has been updated to support new UPS API endpoints.
Magento Functional Test Framework (MFTF)
Community contribution highlights
The email server no longer throws an exception when a customer places an order using a PayPal payment method.
You can now use REST to add a configurable product to a shopping cart without creating a duplicate product entry.
The price range displayed for bundle products now shows only valid prices.
Installation, setup, and deployment
Magento backup functionality is no longer enabled by default, and the code has been deprecated.
Customer attribute management issues that merchants experienced after upgrading to Magento 2.2.6 have been resolved.
Fixed an issue with the shared configuration settings in app/etc/config.php that caused recursion detected errors during deployment.
You can now filter the customer grid without inadvertently triggering a next-page Ajax call.
The bin/magento command now works as expected when Magento is not installed.
Magento no longer throws an error when loading configuration data while running the setup.
You can now set a custom frontend_model value in system.xml if the name of the module you’re using contains an underscore.
Performance of the setup
You can now replace the transaction trace driver for the Profiler (app/bootstrap.php).
Bundle products
Magento now sorts bundle summaries according to the criteria set in the Admin.
The price range displayed for bundle products now shows only valid prices.
Cart and checkout
Customers can no longer place orders for out-of-stock products.
Magento no longer displays an undefined string on the Order Summary page.
Magento now displays the wishlist icon on the shopping cart page on mobile devices.
Magento no longer unchecks My billing and shipping address are the same checkbox when a customer uses an offline custom payment method for an order.
You can now see category changes on the storefront as expected after the changes have been saved.
Magento now populates the Default Billing address field with the shipping address when a customer selects Save in address book during checkout.
Third-party modules can now perform actions after totals calculation.
Magento no longer adds an empty method to the cart summary.
The sidebars for the wishlist on the catalog, my account, and checkout pages now render special characters correctly.
The disabled attribute has been removed from the region list.
The Admin checkout agreement controllers have been refactored to remove the use of ObjectManager.
Magento now displays the product name under the product image on the product page.
Magento now alerts you to an error when a merchant tries to save a product without completed required fields.
A previous fix for a gallery template issue that was inadvertently reverted has been restored.
Magento now maintains product image roles as expected after upgrade.
You can now save attributes for a configurable product after a validation error occurs.
You can now add a product with a price of zero (0) to a wishlist.
The Catalog Products List widget can now display products on the storefront that have specific attributes applied to the default Global scope.
Magento no longer switches from table to list view on the product page when you add a product from the wishlist to the shopping cart.
A merchant can now successfully create and save configurable products from the Admin in a multisite deployment.

The Magento Team is grateful to the wider Magento community and would like to acknowledge their contributions to this release.

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Please share your experiences or concerns about using Magento 2.2.7 below.

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