Important tips for creating Magento 2.0 extensions

Now you can check if your code pass Magento 2.0 package validation criteria.

Here is the current version of the PHP script that takes the Composer package ZIP file(s) on the command line.

Magento 2.0 extention technical review

The first part of technical review is an automated process

  • Valid package type and structure
  • Code does not contain plagiarism from another Magento extension
  • Code is free of errors and malware
  • Code follows Magento Coding Standards

Magento has the following coding standards:

  • Code demarcation standard was developed to ensure the following: divide visual CSS-styles layer from the functional JavaScript layer; divide functional JavaScript layer from the HTML; preferably uses of jQuery templates; preferably uses dividing HTML, CSS and JS from PHP classes.
  • PHP coding standard (PSR-1: Basic Coding Standard) comprises what should be considered the standard coding elements that are required to ensure a high level of technical interoperability between shared PHP code. PSR-2: Coding Style Guide reduces cognitive friction when scanning code from different authors. It does so by enumerating a shared set of rules and expectations about how to format PHP code.
  • JavaScript coding standard based on the Google JavaScript Style Guide that defines Magento requirements for code formatting and style for teams that develop Magento JavaScript and jQuery code.
  • All jQuery UI widgets and interactions are built on the jQuery UI Widget Factory. It allow to building complex, stateful plug-ins with a consistent API.
  • DocBlock standard to unify usage of code DocBlocks for files, code structural elements, Included Script Files, Included Class Files, Classes and interfaces, Class attributes, Functions and methods, Throwing Exception tags.
  • JavaScript DocBlock standard. This standard are a subset of Google JavaScript Style Guide regulations.
  • LESS coding standard
  • HTML style guide based on the Google HTML/CSS Style Guide

The Marketplace administrator reviews the submission, and updates the status according to the results of the review.

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