You can use Sample Data and Total Slider Manager Magento extension without any additional cost.

Pick our Magento themes to find the perfect template to suit you. Get must-have extensions and Sample data included in the package.

Sample data and Slider Manager extensions - freebies you can get in your theme package

Total Slider Magento extension for free

Total Slider Magento extension is advanced and powerful slider manager making the creation of slides easy for Magento users at all skill levels. All of the included sliders have very simple interfaces, so there is no need to edit any code.

Magento Sample Data for free

To make your website appear like our preview or live demo page, you need to install the Magento template sample data.The sample data contains the website settings, sample products, Magento extensions, menus, and images.

It is a hard task to add dummy content manually, but you can install template Sample data automatically.

This service is useful when you want to clone the functionality of the template demo store and examples of page design and layout. It will help you to learn how to use the store by exploring the demo products configuration settings or test different themes or extensions.

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