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Your role for your online sales requires you to assume an array of analytics responsibilities.

To help merchants answer these questions and extract actionable insights from across their organizations, Magento acquired RJMetrics, a leading provider of business intelligence software for online merchants.

Magento Analytics is a new solution that allow non-technical business users to quickly and easily integrate with enterprise-grade data sets across a broad array of applications in order to consolidate and analyze data for effective multi-brand, cross-channel reporting. Fully customizable, Magento Business Intelligence enables merchants to consolidate multiple data sources—from MySQL to Salesforce to Facebook Ads—into a single cloud-based data warehouse that is accessible across your organization.

Business intelligence for eCommerce - Advanced analytics.

Magento Business Intelligence

You can get answers to all your business questions in one place. Understanding marketing analytics allows online sellers to be more efficient and minimize wasted web marketing dollars.

  • Cohort Analysis
    Cohort analysis is a subset of behavioral analytics that takes the data from a given dataset of the eCommerce platform and rather than looking at all users as one unit, it breaks them into related groups for analysis.
    These related groups, or cohorts, usually share common characteristics or experiences within a defined time-span. Cohort analysis allows a company to “see patterns clearly across the life-cycle of a customer (or user), rather than slicing across all customers blindly without accounting for the natural cycle that a customer undergoes.
  • Churn Analysis
    Customer attrition, also known as customer churn, customer turnover, or customer defection, is the loss of clients or customers. Learn the behaviors and characteristics of your customers that are causing your customers to churn.
  • Marketing ROI
    When you spend $1 on marketing, how much should you expect in return? Identify the channels and campaigns bringing in valuable, repeat customers by calculating ROI using your most important metrics: customer acquisition cost and customer lifetime value.
  • Revenue Analytics
    Measure revenue consistently and accurately in every single scenario.
  • Email Segmentation
    Figuring out the best way to segment your email marketing lists. Send better emails by building highly targeted lists based on purchase behavior, date of last purchase, customer lifetime value, or any other customer attribute.Segmenting email marketing lists will improve open and clickthrough rates.
  • Holiday Performance
    For your business, it might be one of the busiest times of the year. Improve holiday performance by using data to optimize ad spend on key shopping days, ensure you have enough inventory on hand, and plan a follow-up strategy to turn holiday buyers into loyal customers.

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While RJMetrics was initially referred to as Magento Analytics, today it was rebranded to Magento Business Intelligence.

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